To deliver the information, you will hear the sound of an electric siren - a warning signal “ATTENTION TO EVERYONE!” (its length is 3-5 minutes).

An electric siren (campus building 1) and loudspeakers along the street Politehnichna and Square of Knowledge generate the acoustic warning signal on the campus.

Emergency messages are then broadcast.

Emergency messages are produced through loudspeakers on the street Politehnichna, Square of Knowledge, via RadioKpi, on the Telegram pages of the General Department, Department for Student Affairs, and ECM Megapolis.

‼ ️ Listen carefully to the message and follow the instructions without panic and fuss.
Instructions for action after the warning signal

🔺 during classes - go to the basement (basement) of educational buildings and place yourself according to the scheme (plan). Follow the requirements of the senior (commandant) shelter;

🔺 in extracurricular time - in the dormitories of the campus under the leadership of duty officers, dormitory assets, senior floors go to the basement (basement) of the dormitories and be located according to the scheme (plan). Follow the requirements of the senior (commandant) shelter;

🔺 off-campus - monitor the situation and follow the instructions to take cover near your location, underground parking lots, subway, underpasses, etc.

🔹 Chairman of the University Emergency Management Committee: (044) 204-90-91
🔹 Department of Civil Protection: (044) 204-93-11; (044) 204-95-64

University regular services:

🔹 Senior duty officer during non-working hours: (044) 204-91-00; (044) 204-95-56
🔹 Duty officer of the Security Department around the clock: (044) 204-95-62; (044) 204-82-70; (044) 204-20-71.

Yuriy Nesterenko, Head of the Civil Protection Department

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