After a forced break, first due to COVID-19, and then due to the war and shelling of Kyiv, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute once again hosted the annual beAhead Job Fair, where job seekers could meet with representatives of university partner companies. Not only in the virtual space, but also, so to speak, live, because the Fair was held in a mixed format.

The opportunity to communicate face-to-face is very important for students and potential employers and helps job seekers to navigate the prospects that are opening up for them, and those looking for new employees to assess the potential of candidates. Ultimately, such contacts are a necessary component of a successful career path for young people, and an effective way for companies to find qualified employees.

Therefore, the first, in-person part of the Job Fair "beAhead. Spring 2023" was held at the University's Center for Innovative Entrepreneurship on April 25, 2023. During the day, visitors of the Fair, mostly students and graduates of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, could get acquainted with 18 leading Ukrainian and world companies, whose stands were located at the locations of the Center, get advice from career consultants and answers to questions about available internship programs, internships and vacancies, attend workshops, master classes and trainings, take part in quizzes from companies, etc.

Of course, the organizers of the Fair - employees of the Career Development Center of the Department of Educational Work of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute - provided for the participants the opportunity to meet online - on April 26 and 27 in the second part of "beAhead". It was held on the platform. In addition to webinars and trainings, meetings with company representatives were also held during these days. So everyone interested could talk to them, no matter where they were in Ukraine or other countries.

In total, 27 webinars and trainings were organized during the Fair by Farmak, SoftServe, EY Ukraine, KPMG, Melexis, Progresstech-Ukraine, Arterium, Genesis and other companies. Their topics were diverse and not necessarily tied to a particular company. For example, we can mention the following topics: "How to create the perfect resume?", "The importance of soft skills and why they are checked during HR interviews", "Your professional profile", "How to use Linkedin - one of the most effective ways to develop your career".

Everyone was also given the opportunity to visit the companies that were most interesting to them, which were presented in the block of excursions, as well as to take an express interview with the HR manager of the chosen structure.

For participation in career events and assistance in the professional orientation of higher education students, Vice-Rector Natalia Seminska presented representatives of the companies participating in the Job Fair with the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute's Acknowledgments.

KPI hosted the in-person part of the job fair, an event where students learn about the labor market firsthand. Among its participants were lifecell, Arterium, Boeing, and Ajax. In total, more than 20 companies are looking for young promising employees.

🎥 Watch the video to find out who the HR managers are hunting for and what they offer our students.

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