From 27 November to 3 December 2016 in the framework of academic mobility Erasmus + KPI named after Igor Sikorsky prof. Wojciech Hlevytsky came with the visit from the University in Szczecin, Poland (Szczecin University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering).

During the visit, Professor. Hlevytsky read for students and staff a series of lectures, participated in the academic work of the University, academic discussions, successfully met with scientists and Electronics Department of Biomedical Engineering, and graduate students.

Lecture prof. Hlevytsky devoted to modern trends of electronics and biomedical engineering, software, create stand-alone applications with enhanced visualization and GUI using Matlab and MS Visual Studio, as well as analysis and graphical processing of biomedical information, including recovery algorithms tomographic images.

At the Faculty of Electronics prof. Hlevytsky held an open lecture, talked with students and staff, together with the head of the Department of Industrial Electronics prof. Julia Yamnenko participated in open lecture for students of the discipline "Information theory and signal processing."

A guest from Poland attended the pre-diploma practice defending Masters 6 th year at biomedical engineering department  (FBMI.) Actively communicated with students and discussed with them the current problems of biomedical engineering undergraduates answering questions. For students of the scientist a lecture entitled "Optimization of processing digital tomographic images in medicine." Students with interest listened to speeches Professor, actively participated in the discussion of various issues, and finally expressed gratitude to the guest.

Academic relations, joint research and projects are set for the future.

Thanks to a dedicated and creative young students from the Department of Industrial Electronics interesting and informative culture program was organized for the Polish guest.

         Julia Yamnenko,
Head of the Department of Industrial Electronics FEL

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