N.A.Buryak. The young teacher-researcher from IEE department

In the annual competition the assistant of  the thermal technonlogy and energy concervation IEE department N.A.Buryak , was created «The young reacher-recercher  - 2018». Mentioning the fruitful science-exploratory  activity , the staff  members of department take a view that it is absolutely just reward and truly graduate their collegue.

The history of  creation in the Igor Sikorsky Polytechnic Institute of these beautifull and intelligent girl is a bit unusual. Back in 2007 an active and iniciative senior student of the Ivan Pulyi Ternopyl national technic university (TNTU) Nadiya Buryak from other delegates of  25 ukrainian universities took part in the Ukrainian national Olympiad in the discipline energy management where she obtained the third place . She met a head of the thermotechnical and energy concervation department IEE VAleriy Ivanovych Deshko there , what became a point of departure for the future joint science venture. Nadiya wrote her Master’s thesis headed by two science masters (from Igor Sikorsky national  Polytechnic and Ivan Pulyi national technic universities), and in august 2009 she was awarded a  master’s degree with honours.

In 2009 Nadiya Andryivna entered the postgraduate study of Igor Sikorsky  Polytechnic institute and agter its graduating is working as the assistant of  the thermal technonlogy and energy concervation , is an attentive , professional and responsible teacher.

In December 2017 the young scientist passed the Ph.D. thesis to obtain the rank of the Doctor of Science headed by V.I.Deshko on a topical subject : «The assessment of performance of energetic sysnem of  building within the conditions of thermal acceptability». The results of her research is aimed at development of statutory framework to assess energy-efficient buildings. N.A.Buryak is an author of 29 science pieces , three of them are the science articles in the magazine , included to the international base Scopus , 4 – in the foreign issue , 14 – in the science particularized issues, one collective monography, two certificates of registration of science literary copyright .

Nadiya Andryivna’s purposefulness , thoughtfulness and unusual hard-working are the main features common for moder woman-scientist. N.A. Buryak execute the science and teaching work in the department , actively take part in national budget’s science topics which range the auestions of creation of the energy  management and of energy consumption of public energy service objects system. Thehonours degree thesum are headed by her , she actively attracts students to the scientific activity , publush the issues in cooperation with students and masters which upgrade the level of science works of the university. N.A. Buryak has elaborated teaching aids and prepaired the computer practical in «Methods of energy monitoring and energy audit».

The works of N.A.Buryak are twice gratified by the winner diploma in the competition of science works , especially in the Ukrainian national competition «Youth  to the Ukrainian energetic». Her active character and easy-luck do not allow Nadiya Andryivna to stop . She is carring on volunteering ( organizing children’s holidays for disabled children) , is interested in art, likes painting, and is a mother of many children and a happy wife.

The staff memebers of  the thermal technonlogy and energy concervation IEE department truly congratulate Nadiya Andryivna and wish her new journeys and encouragement.

M.M.Shovkaliuk, associate professor of  TE IEE department