FMM student Victoria Derkach about dreams and the present

Ambitious, creative, and hardworking people are usually successful in life and in their professional activities. And the best time to decide on the future, gain initial experience and make a name for yourself is during your student years. And there are many examples of this.

About Olga Linyucheva's life and dream

Sometimes, when talking to experienced scientists, teachers, and engineers, the conversation involuntarily "slips" from the main topic. In this case, it's better not to distract the interlocutor from his thoughts about his work, his experiences, and his plans for the future.

Red Kalyna 2023

Red Kalyna is one of the main initiatives of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Community and the EIT Strategic Regional Innovation Cluster.

Training and support of Ukrainian women abroad

KPI specialists, in cooperation with the International University of Finance, developed retraining programs and organized training for almost 500 Ukrainian women who left for Poland because of Russian aggression.

Anna Kukharuk. On the path of Industry 4.0

Today, the implementation of Industry 4.0 provisions is a priority for most EU member states, which Ukraine is seeking to join. The Fourth Industrial Revolution ensures sustainable development, helps reduce the negative impact on the environment, etc.

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