Ukraine-Japan Center

Adress: NTB, 37, Prospect Beresteiskyi, Kyiv, Ukraine”
Tel. : (+38044) 204-81-66; Fax: (+38044) 204-80-48
Foundation date : 2003 with assistance of Embassy of Japan in Ukraine

🎥 Spring "The World in Ceramics"

An exhibition of ceramics in the traditional Japanese styles of Nunobiki and Raku "The World in Ceramics" was opened at the Ukrainian-Japanese Center of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.  It is worth noting that similar exhibitions have already been held there.

🎥 About spring motifs inspired by "East Wind"

At the exhibition of Japanese textile techniques "East Wind", which was opened on March 5 at the Ukrainian-Japanese Center of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, visitors can see products that show that Ukrainian craftswomen are fluent in the technique of creating embroidered patter

Shogi Day in KPI

On the occasion of Shogi Day, an exhibition was organized, and the strongest players of the Ukrainian Shogi Federation held a master class.

Not just September - "Japanese Autumn"

Most readers of Kyiv Polytechnic probably already know what origami and go are. But what sashiko, shogi or tameshigiri are, most likely, known to a much smaller circle of Kyiv Polytechnic students.

Tempei Nakamura's musical palette

It has been proven that among the many factors that influence the psychological state of a modern person, music is one of the leading ones.

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