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Department of Cogeneration Installations of Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants (TES), TEF

Department of cogeneration installations of thermal and nuclear power plants (TES) was founded in 1931 at the heat power engineering faculty of KPI. Educational and scientific staff of TES – is a highly qualified scientific and technical experts, including 3 professors, doctor of technical sciences; 6 Ph.D. (including 5 assistant professors); 4 senior teachers and 4 assistants.

Modern China through the eyes of heating engineer

Китай сьогодні очима теплотехніка

In the summer of 2016 the Chinese Corporation Lidoning (Fujian province) invited the delegation of  National Technical University of Ukraine ‘’Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute ‘’  to participate in numerous scientific and technical events, which were held at the metallurgical enterpris

Verkhovna Rada fellow of TEF

Іванна Башкір

A long time ago we have grown from the world of fairy tales. And the idea about fairy maiden arose, when the tender girl with bright hair came to the editorial office. Apparently, it was not be surprised if she had waved a magic wand and the miracles began.

A new combustion technology presented in Poland

2015.03 scientists Visit to Poland

At the beginning of March with the assistance of the Ukrainian-Polish center NTUU "KPI" the delegation of Ukrainian experts in the engineering, headed by Professor of the Department of heat power equipment of thermal and nuclear power stations, heat power engineering faculty Michael Abdulla, visi


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