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International seminar about MASTIS project on FIOT

2019.03.12-13 International seminar about MASTIS project on FIOT

From 12th till 13th March in 2019 in the faculty of Computer Science and counting technics the international seminar ‘‘MASTIS – Establishing Modern Master-level Studies in Information Systems’’ was held based on European Union Erasmus+ project.

The educators negotiate

2018.03.22  семінар учителів хімії закладів загальної середньої освіти Голосіївського району м. Києва

March 22, 2018 according to the order of the rector of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute № 1/119, a scientific-practical seminar of teachers of chemistry of institutions of general secondary education of the Holosiyivskyi district of Kyiv was held on the basis of the chemical-technolo

Seminar on the topic "Actual problems of historical disciplines teaching in higher education"

2016.12.16 ІХ Міжуніверситетський науково-практичний семінар

December 16 the IX Interuniversity scientific practical seminar on the topic Actual problems of historical disciplines teaching in higher education" was held in the convention hall of the Administrative Board.

All- German Teachers Forum

2016.11.25-26 Загальноукраїнський форум викладачів німецької мови

At 25 and 26 of November 2016 at the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was held the first nationwide forum of German teachers' professional fields German - German in schools and universities in Ukraine today.  "Participating in the forum were 450 linguists from all over Ukraine and from

NTUU ‘KPI’ joins the British Council Project in Ukraine – ‘English for universities’

2016.04.08 зустріч керівництва КПІ з менеджером проектів з англійської мови  Британської Ради

It is known that from the 1st of September NTUU ‘KPI’ will shift to the 100% teaching of foreign students in English. Moreover, substantially high level of English would be demanded from Ukrainian students who are to enter the KPI Master’s – according to the B1 criterion standards and B2 for masters entering Postgraduate.

Conference on the methodology of teaching foreign languages at high technical schools

2015.10.30  V Міжнародна науково-методична конференція "Іншомовна освіта у вищій технічній школі: методи, підходи, технології"

October 30, the NTUU "KPI" hosted the V International Scientific and Methodological Conference "Foreign Language Education in Higher Technical School: Methods, Approaches, Technologies" organized by the Department of English Technical Assistance № 1 of the Faculty of Linguistics.

The Conference on Modern Trends of Teaching Foreign Languages

2010. Таланти КПІ 2. "The Gothic Castle" / Левко Люсьєна, ВПІ, СГ-72

On 23rd of January the VIII International Scientific-Practical Conference “Modern Trends in Teaching Foreign Languages in Higher School: Information and Communicative Educational Technologies” took place in NTUU “KPI”.

The International Conference at the Faculty of Linguistics

Таланти КПІ 2013. Гачечиладзе Елліна. "Міми" / І місце у номінації "Фотографія"

On the 13-14 of March at the Faculty of Linguistics of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" was held IX International research and practice conference on "Modern Approaches and Innovations in foreign languages teaching".

Ratings, places, science, knowledge ...

Рейтинги, місця, наука, знання…

In October 2012 the regular rating of 400 universities in the world was published. This rating was made by the British magazine "Times Higher Education" and in which, unfortunately, Ukrainian universities are absent.

What is better to pursue science or be bound up in it?

1903. Сторінки альбому (5)

Ideally, any Academic staff of higher educational institution should be a subject (carrier) of a three balanced, ideally harmonized features, incarnations: teacher (methodologist, didactics); educator; scientist (researcher, scientist) But it is only ideally. And what we can see in reality?



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