Стипендіати Верховної Ради

My success - teachers' merit

   Among the best students of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute awarded this semester for scholarships, is six-year student of TEF Daria Romanova – scholarship of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

There is nothing unattainable

Let me introduce to you Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine scholarship holder Maria Voloshchuk, a VІ year of studies student of Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Department of Automation of Chemical Productions.

Verkhovna Rada fellow of TEF

A long time ago we have grown from the world of fairy tales. And the idea about fairy maiden arose, when the tender girl with bright hair came to the editorial office. Apparently, it was not be surprised if she had waved a magic wand and the miracles began.

Technologies of the future

  In a world increasingly demand products by  biotechnology industries, received by the use of natural biological objects and processes. These products help to fight diseases, develop and improve healthcare, provide affordable, life-saving drugs.

Success leads to success

FEL sixth graders Vladimir Perevertaylo became a scholar of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Present achievements of the young man is absolutely logical step in his life since childhood Vladimir was curious child, curiously attitude to the everything in whole world, not omitting details.

Dreams about discoveries and improvements

It’s hard to imagine the former student whose heart wont pant after hearing such words as “aerohydromechanics” and “mechanotronics” in case he dreams about new discoveries and improvements of different technical devices.

I like studying here

Four’s year biotechnology faculty student Denis Cherednychenko masters the specialty "Equipment of pharmaceutical and microbiological industry." He is a conscientious excellently learning student and active person, engaged in scientific researches and actively involved in community life of th