The student of CTF studies, how not to harm the environment

The department of chemical technology of composition materials of CTF (of the manager V.A.Svidersky) has an occasion to be proud of their student I.Nikolaeva, who is awarded with nominal grant of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

On the first course of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Iryna entered in 2014. She is a hard-working, responsible and diligent student. She studies general and special disciplines. She is respected by her classmates and teachers. A student actively participates in the work of department and has weighty achievements.

Under the scientific guidance of professor A.Petuhov and assistant O.Shnyruk she works in the direction "Biodegradation of polymeric tapes". It helps to investigate the influence of atmosphere on the property of sketch-tapes, also Iryna studied the methods of manipulation with pre-product for bringing sketch-tapes over to the state near to biodegradation. In particular, she has considered the influence of ultraviolet on a selection and behavior to the micro plastics in water depending on the content in tape of marble filler.It allowed not only to investigate the biodegradation of polymeric tapes but also to learn how these tapes can influence on an environment. For example, if they get in water, what will be the damage for water fauna, for example, of fishes. In result of these researches,a patent was given on an useful model.

I.Nikolaeva also investigated the technologies of production and the storage of compositions for the production of antilauter screens. This theme is very relevant now, in fact such tapes are used for prevention of contamination of environment on the dumps of household waste, ornamental waters and others. Together with colleagues, a student participated in the study of the modules of constructions of extruders and their modernisation.

A young researcher I.Nikolaeva has publications in editions of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. In 2019 she became the laureate of premium from the Kyiv municipal chairman. Wish to Iryna the further performing and scientific opening!

L.Melnyk, associate professor of CTF