Quarantine does not prevent us from working on improving public amenities - now there is active work to create a park where students can study and spend free time. The square is located next to the Department of Aviation and Astronautics, so some elements of the new rest area will be theme-based. Exhibits related to aviation and astronautics are expected to be installed.

"We started to develop this area in February because it was possible to do it this winter. First of all, construction debris was removed from the site. Now the staff of the Department of Economic Work is completing the laying of engineering networks. Next, we will plan to smooth the territory: completely make special gutters for sidewalks. We have already received all the necessary building materials for improving public amenities. We plan to equip sidewalks, then we will start green-space expansion, ”says Vadym Kondratyuk, Vice-Rector for Administrative Work at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Other works are carried out on the territory of the university. A small square is planned to be divided between the building of the Admissions Committee and the 7th academic building. A green space is being set up near the 4th building and about 20 birches are planned to be planted.