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Department of Scientific, Analytical and Ecological Instruments and Systems (NAEPS), PBF

«Scientific, analytic and ecological instruments and systems»
(budget study, full-time and extramural studies) bachelor (4 years), master(2 years), postgraduate student (3 years) «Scientific, analytic and ecological instruments and systems» chair instrument-making department STU of Ukraine «Kyiv polytechnic institute».

Concept of the training and research activity at the chair:

  • Design and exploitation of computerized facilities of analytical control and technological ecological monitoring for solving the complex problem of energy resources saving, reducing the environment pollution and optimization of the technological cycle on the energetic installations.
  • Creation of the television information-measuring systems as a high performance control resources in nanobiotechnology, laser and electron-beam technologies of material processing.

Graduate job placement in Ukraine:

  • State employee in State Department of environmental protection and in State Ecological Inspectorate in every region, in Kyiv and Sevastopol,
  • Scientists and engineers in different fields of national economics (nanobiotechnology, medicine, transport, food industry, public service, criminalistics),
  • Engineer posts in ecological branches of energy-producing facilities and heavy industry,
  • Lecturer posts at the universities of Ukraine (with a Master degree);

Speciality reference points on the Ukrainian labour-market match the European labour-market structure, where ecological monitoring is one of the high priority.

Our speciality – job today, tomorrow and always!


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