The fruitful work of university scientists and their achievements are regularly honored with degrees and orders of the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and other awards.

Name of the work Year Co-executors from Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Name, Surname, academic status
For the work "Ensuring the functional security of critical information and control systems" 2019 URIVSKY L.O., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the ITS Department
For the work "The latest methods of mathematical modelling of complex processes and systems based on high-performance computing “ 2019 DOROSHENKO A.Yu., Doctor of Physical and mMathematical Sciences, Professor FIOT
For the work "Electrotechnological complex for the production of ultra-high voltage cable systems" 2018 SHCHERBA M.A., Doctor of Technical Sciences, FEA associate professor
For the work "Methods and new approaches to the design, management and application of highly productive IT-infrastructures” 2018 TELENYK S.F., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Dean of FIOT ROLIK O.I., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the FIOT Department
for work in the field of military medicine 2018 NAYDA S.A., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor FEL
State award of Ukraine for product “Scientific-educational Web-portal “Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko” ( 2017 Globa L.S., D.Sc. in engineering., head of ITC
For R&D product "Creation and implementation of a new euthectic composite materials in innovational technologies of machinery engineering enterprises”   2016 Loboda P.I., AM of NAS of Ukraine, the dean of FPE
Titov V.A., В.А., D.Sc. in engineering, the head of IME
For R&D product "Device complex of light armored vehicles stabilizer” 2016 Bezvesilna O.M., D.Sc. in engineering, professor on FME
For R&D product "Optimization methods and digital technologies of modeling and operation of informational systems and processes" 2016 Biduyk P.I., D.Sc. in engineering, Professor on IASA
Kasianov P.O., Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics., the head of IASA department
For R&D product "Energy-efficient EMS with vast scope of technological application” 2015 Peresada S.M., D.Sc. in engineering, the head of FEPEA department
For the scientific work “The technological, organizational and regulatory framework of telecommunication networks of today’s and future generations” 2014 Research Institute of Telecommunications
Kaidenko M. M.
– senior research professor
Ivlev Y. V. – senior engineer
For the research work "Creating high-precision equipment and production of large details and equipment" 2013 V.S. Antoniuk - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor FIDE
For the research work "Automated metering system with quality control " 2013 V.P.Kalinchik - Cand.Tech.Sci, Associate Professor IESEM

A.V. Prakhovnik - Doctor of Technical Sciences IESEM (posthumously)
For the scientific work "The Increase of maneuverability, reliability and efficiency of power-generating unit with coal-fired and gaseous masout boilers and efficiency of heat supply systems" 2012 Kesova L.О. – D.Eng.Sc., professor of the Heat-and-Power Engineering Department
For the cycle of textbooks "Fundamentals of the theory of circles". "Electrodynamics and Propagation of radio waves"
  1. Основи теорії кіл. - Ч.1. Харків: ХНУРЕ: «Колегіум», 2004. - 436 с.
  2. Основи теорії кіл. - Ч.2. Харків: ХНУРЕ: «Колегіум», 2006. - 668 с.
  3. Електродинаміка та поширення радіохвиль. - Ч.1. Харків: ХНУРЕ, «Колегіум», 2009. - 286 с.

4. Електродинаміка та поширення радіохвиль. - Ч.2. Харків: ХНУРЕ, «Колегіум», 2010. - 435 с.:

2012 Rybin О.І. – D.Eng.Sc., professor, dean of the Radio Engineering Faculty

Wuntesmery V.S. – Cand. Eng. Sc., associate professor of the Faculty of Electronics
For a series of scientific papers "Constructive theory of modeling, analysis and optimization of systems with incomplete information and its application" 2011 ZAYCHENKO Y. P. – Ph.D., IASA faculty dean

For a set of textbooks "Power engineering. Environment. Energy conservation" in seven volumes:

  1. Thermal power plants and environmental aspects of energy production. — К.: IVC "Publisher"Politechnika", 2003. - 232 p.;
  2. Inexhaustible energy: V. 1. Wind-driven electric generator. - X.: NAU "ХАІ", Sevastopol: SNTU, 2003. - 400 p;
  3. Inexhaustible energy: V. 2. Wind Power. - X.: NAU "ХАІ", Sevastopol: SNTU, 2004. -519 p.;
  4. Inexhaustible energy: V. 3.Alternative energetics. - X.: NAU "ХАІ", Sevastopol: SNTU, 2006. —643 p.;
  5. Inexhaustible energy: V. 4. Wind and water energetics. - X.: НАУ "ХАІ", Sevastopol: SNTU, 2007. — 606 p.;
  6. Energy. Ecology. Future. - X.: " Flag", 2003. - 464 p.;
  7. Fundamentals of Buildings Thermal Physics and Energy Conservation . - X.: "Publisher SAGA", 2006. - 484 с.:
2011 LYUBCHUK G.M. –Ph.D. (post mortem)

G.B. – d.t.s., vice-rector of educational work

For scientific work "Monitoring and diagnostics of power facilities and systems of Ukraine on the base of complexes “Regina” "

2010 Yandulskyu O.S. – d.t.s., FEA faculty dean
For a series of scientific papers “Development of new mathematical models, methods and information technologies for solving optimization problems, information processing and protection" 2009 PAVLOV O.A –Ph.D. , FICS faculty dean

For a set of textbooks «Information technology» in six volumes:

  1. Fundamentals of Systems Analysis . – К.: Publishing Group ВНV, 2006. - 544 с.;
  2. Basic programming. – К.: Publishing Group ВНV, 2005. – 384 с.;
  3. Discrete Mathematics. – К.: Publishing Group ВНV, 2006. – 368 с.;
  4. Numerical methods in computer science . – К.: Publishing Group ВНV, 2006. – 480с.;
  5. Organization of databases and knowledge . – К.: Publishing Group ВНV, 2006. – 384с.;
  6. Simulation of systems. – К.: Publishing Group ВНV, 2005. – 352 p.;
  7. Operating systems. – К.: Publishing Group ВНV, 2005. –576 p.:
2009 PANKRATOVA N.D. – Ph.D., Dr. deputy, IASA faculty dean.
– Ph.D., Prof. FICS.
– Ph.D., senior lecturer FICS

For scientific work in the field of sonar

2009 Didkovskyy V.S .- prof.

Lake OH -
for work “Physical methods and computer tools registration”,
storage and use of large amounts of information »
2008 TARASENKO V. P. - Ph.D., Chair
series of books "The development of new mathematical models, methods and information technologies for solving trans computational complexity" 2005 M. Zgurovsky , Acad. National Academy of Sciences,

Miller V.S. , Corr. National Academy of Sciences,

Novikov A. , Ph.D.
Tutorial "Transients in power systems" 2005 V. Prokopenko , Ph.D. ,

Nesen LI
, Assoc.

Vynoslavskyy V.M. , Ph.D. (Posthumously)
Work "Information and telecommunication systems using microwave technology and specialized computer tools" 2004 Ilchenko M. , Corr. National Academy of Sciences,

Bunin V. , Ph.D.

S. Kravchuk
, Ph.D.

Syzranov V.A.

Yakymenko Y.I.
, Corr. Nano
Research in Computer Science 2004 Skrypnyk LV , prof.
Development and implementation of innovative organizational, economic and information technology in the institutional system of Ukraine 2004 Grysha S.M. , prof.
Tutorial "Microelectronics: devices, materials, technology" 2003 Zinkovsky Y.F. , prof.
series of monographs "Analytic and Asymptotic Methods of stochastic systems and their applications" 2003 Buldyhin V. , Ph.D. Math., prof.
Research in Computer Science 2003 Gurzhiy A.M. , Acad.

Zinchenko VP.
, Assoc.
Work "Scientific basis and technical means of electrochemical methods of monitoring of environmental safety and corrosion activity of man-made environments," 2002 Chviruk V.P. , prof.

Gerasimenko Y. , Ph.D.

V. Novitsky
, Ph.D.
Cycle Works "Probabilistic and statistical methods in problems of reliability and security of information technology" 2001 M.M. Savchuk , Ph.D. Math., prof.
Series of Works "The intensification of technological processes and energy efficiency" 2000 Fedotkin I.M. , prof.
series of monographs on the methods of system analysis and IT management processes and fields 1999 M. Zgurovskyy , Acad.

Wheat BN , Acad.

Romanenko V.D. , prof.
Creation of Slavutich ecopolis as a way of radiation-ecological and socio-economic rehabilitation of areas contaminated by the Chernobyl accident, the safety of the plant, decommissioning and bringing the "Shelter" into an ecologically safe condition 1999 Bar`yahtar V.G. , Acad.
Creation of highly ecologically-tech mining based on managing mountain ranges and introducing them to quarries Ukraine 1999 Tkachuk K.N. , prof.
Research in the field of instrumentation 1998 Zbrutsky A. , prof.
Cycle Works "Frame compounds in organic synthesis" 1997 Krasutskyy P.A. , Dr.

Yurchenko A.G ., Dr.

Isaev SD
, Dr.

Stepanov FM
, Dr.

Kovalchuk B. , prof.
series of books: "Robotics" (Kyiv, 1994), "Elements of robotic devices and modules GMS" (Kyiv, 1992), "Flexible robotic systems" (K. Vuscha Shkola, 1989): 1996 Kostyuk V.I. , Ph.D.

Gavrish A.P. , Ph.D.

Spine G.O. , prof.

Polishchuk MM
, Ph.D., Professor.

Yampolsky LS , Ph.D., Professor.

M. Weaver
, Ph.D., Professor.
Series of works "Theoretical foundations and production technology of alternative fuels on the basis of mineral resources of Ukraine" 1995 Dykyy M.O., prof.