Sikorsky Challenge

The cavitation and magnetic modifier of liquid environments

One of the projects which was represented in the final of startup competition on the VIII Festival of innovational projects «Sikorsky Challenge 2019» was cavitation and magnetic modifier of liquid environments. The work of this device is based on the process of hydrodynamic cavitation.

Innovative developments for the manufacture of medical products

The project of scientists of Department of Laser Systems and Physical Technologies (LTFT), of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering (MMI) for the manufacture of medical products made by a 3D printer became the finalist of the Sikorsky Challenge startup competition

Mechatronic hydroplant

Alternative technologies and devices, which use renewable energy and energy saving technology, are being developed due to threat of global energy and ecological crisis in the innovative countries.

Increase of the welding quality of heterogeneous materials

Among the projects presented by the Polytechnics at the Festival of Innovation Projects “Sikorsky Challenge:, visitors attention was attracted to the work devoted to contact spot welding. Such technology is widely used in automotive, instrumentation and other industries.

Innovative development of FBMI scientists

At the competition of startups of Innovative Projects Festival “Sikorsky Challenge” the project from FBMI “Balancing platform with reverse biological connection for rehabilitation at the stage of prosthesis” won the nomination “The best technological decision”.

Portable drinking water system installation

At the VII International Innovation Projects “Sikorsky Challenge” Fair which was held at the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute on the 11-14 of October, 2018, the joint elaboration of scientists of the Mechanical Engineering Institute and Radio Engineering Faculty was presented.