The scientific landing in Poland. 100 female students and scientists of KPI set out to Warsaw to Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit

100 female students, postgraduates and young scientists of technical specialties will participate in the international conference Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit. It will be held on the 13th-14th of November in Warsaw. Today the representatives of KPI consisting of all-Ukrainian delegation set out to Poland.

The female representatives of 17 faculties of KPI, such as FICT, EBF, FMM, FEL, ITS, FBT, IAT, VPI, TEFF, MMI, EPF, PTI, FBE, FL, FPM, PMF, FAT are visiting the conference.

«We have the most active students, who travel a lot, study a lot and develop themselves comprehensively. They take part in different summits, and this one is not an exception. On the conference, they will see the employers from different countries, listen to different interesting speakers from Oxford, Harvard and other senior specialists, from whom they can gain new knowledge and experience. They will also participate in different professional workshops, in which they can raise their professional level», - the Deputy Dean of FICT Maya Sperkach explains. The FICT is the faculty which has the biggest delegation among all the KPI female students (almost 50 participants).

This year, except female students, postgraduates and young lecturers, the schoolgirls, 5 pupils from the Polytechnic lyceum of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, are also visiting the conference. These girls are the winners of various Olympiads and international competitions.

«11-formers from our lyceum are also going. They have already got remarkable achievements, e.g. they are interested in science, do different scientific researches, projects, and the part of them has already applied for patents. The most important things in these trips are experience, communication, new acquaintances, etc.», - the principal of the lyceum Yuriy Kyrychkov said.

For a reference

Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit is an international summit, in which young women from the most various technical spheres can communicate, attend the lectures of authoritative speakers and topical workshops, meet with the managers of the world’s leading high-tech companies. The conference takes place the second time, and in general, 3000 female participants from all over the world are expected to be present.

The Ukrainian delegation consists of 150 young women, and 100 of them are the female representatives of KPI.

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