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Our graduate – is the winner of "Startup Battlefield" in the US

2016.09.30 Поєдинок стартапів

Recently startup project, one of three authors who is a graduate of the Department of Industrial Electronics of the University Bogdan Suchyk 2008, won the world famous "fight Startup" (Startup Battlefield) in the US.

This event took place in September 2016 in the city San Francisco (USA). "Duel startups" held at the annual international IT event Tech Crunch Disrupt. Its purpose - to collect key gaming technology and innovation leader and to determine based on the authoritative opinion of the jury, composed of the most famous entrepreneurs, investors, hackers and creators of the revolutionary IT solutions.

In 2016 in the "Startup Battlefield" for the first time took part in Ukrainian projects, including the project is Bogdan Suchyka, Nikolay Lobanov and their counterparts from Lebanon, Amin Issa reached the final and won, Disrupt Cup award and a check for 50 thousand dollars.

The winning project is called "Mobalytics" is a software and training facility for online gamers. It provides an opportunity to evaluate and "pump" their capabilities. The project is an alternative to high-paying service "coaching" in which a player improved professional under the supervision of a personal trainer.

Among other Bogdan’s projects - "", which creates the possibility of using effective techniques to overcome obstacles and develop strategies for action to transform dreams attainable goal. Users receive personalized, monitor their own progress and compliance with the prescribed schedule. This is more socially oriented than commercial project was closed in 2013 because of low profitability.

Bogdan’s next project was "myTips", which still exists and develops without his participation. Bohdan remains co-directing lucrative income on the further development and motivation of staff. Service "myTips" designed to aid developers' software on demand "(SaaS - Software as a Service) to attract new and retain loyal customers who perform periodic payments for the use of the software. This project was a great success, won first place in the competition "Garage48 Hackathon" (Kyiv, 2013) and entered the business incubator program in Silicon Valley.

Bogdan Suchyk is also co-founder and winner of the project "Startup Weekend Kiev".

Generally Bogdan’s  "start-portfolio"  has about 500 start-ups, training certificates from Seedcamp and Google Analytics Academy.

We wish our graduates new victories,proud of him and want him to be successful to inspire current students to present innovative search and the birth of revolutionary ideas towards personal and social growth!

Julia Yamnenko, Ph.D., head. Department industrial electronics
On photo: From left to right - Amin Issa, Nikolai Lobanov, Bogdan Suchyk


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