Startup School «Sikorsky Challenge»

A start-up activity –  is an environment in which the inventors have ideal conditions for the realization of their projects. Start-up path differs from the standard career. Here you become responsible for everything what you do. Start-up permits prior to the completion of training at the University: develop interesting projects and receive investments.

Our Kind of Guy in Colorado

The war, which was unleashed against Ukraine by the russian federation, clearly highlighted who in the world is a true friend and who is an enemy of our country. The vast majority of the Ukrainian diaspora representatives are definitely among the true friends.

Develop and Win: From Research to Startup Projects

At the end of October, the student team “TermoSyla” of the Department of Physical Materials Science and Heat Treatment (PMSHT) won an international tournament - a startup battle of environmental developments.

"Eco-Techno Ukraine 2021" Winners

In November 2020 as part of the IX Festival of Innovative Projects Sikorsky Challenge 2020 the national stage of the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2021 took place.

Ukrainian innovations in the international aspect

The Sikorsky Challenge environment is expanding every year not only nationally but also globally. Today, the competition is supported by 28 regular investors and sponsors from six countries, including the United States, China, Israel, Poland and Azerbaijan.

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