Night angel from KPI

Our legendary knights, who are known in Ukraine and the world, are the "Ghost of Kyiv", "Night Ghosts" and others.

Max Levin dreamed of taking a picture that would stop the war

Ukrainian photojournalist and documentary filmmaker, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute graduate Max Levin, who created dozens of photo and video projects, was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage "for personal courage and selfless actions shown during the coverage of Russian a

Sometimes an image means more than text

The most prestigious awards in the field of journalism - the Pulitzer Prize and the World Press Photo Award - were given to KPI graduate 2010 photographer Yevhen Malolietka for his photos from Mariupol.

Seminar of KPI students in Lubycza Korolivska

The traditional seminar "Polish-Ukrainian Economic Cooperation", organized by the Section of KPI students in Poland, was held on May 26-28 in Lubycza Królewska, not far from the Ukrainian border.