Greetings to the Day of Defender of Ukraine!

Dear veterans and current defenders of our motherland! Dear ‘polytechnics’! For the third year in a row on 14 October, the Day of Defender of Ukraine is celebrated as a national holiday, set by the President’s decree.

Our history: to know and to proud

To realize ourselves in this world, we should know who we are and where are we from. Travelling  helps us to know the history of the region and its famous people - educators, scientists, and community leaders.

Be ready for resistance

Meeting of the head of the primary trade Union organization of educational facilities in Kiev took place in the Center of Culture and Arts NTUU “KPI after Igor Sikorsky”. Numerous speeches testified about the protest mood of Union members.

The holiday in our library

This year's celebration of National Librarian Day in a team of Scientific and Technical Library named G.I. Denisenko of NTUU "KPI named Igor Sikorsky" was especially interesting.

Meeting with SAS representatives (USA)

A delegation of SAS (Special Aerospace Service) with its chief technical officer and cofounder Tim Bulk as well as project managers Bill Clark and Ken Lindas visited NTUU "Igor Sikorsky KPI" in October, 5.