Strengthening the authority of Ukrainian science

Lucky there are people who in their professional activities can realize their full creative potential. They successfully embody in life his thoughts, which is ahead of the present vision of problems and opportunities, and their activities often determine the direction and ways of further development of economy and society in general. About these say fate crossed the road with full buckets.

Yes, it is about Mikhail E. Ilchenko - Ukraine academician, doctor of technical sciences, professor, vice-rector for scientific work, scientific head of the Institute of Telecommunication Systems Department and telecommunications. A student of the Kiev Polytechnic M.U.Ilchenko over 50 years faithfully serves his alma mater. Areas of his scientific activity: management science and innovation; Information and telecommunications technology and microwave technology; biographical history of science and technology. He is the founder of scientific school has more than 600 scientific papers, including 22 monographs and textbooks, more than 100 patents for inventions and utility models.

Research and teaching activities M.U Ilchenka marked by high awards: Honored Worker of Science (1992), State Prize in Science and Technology of the USSR (1983), the USSR (1989), Ukraine (2004), laureate of the Prize. Lebedev NAS of Ukraine (2000), Honorary Telecommunications Worker of Ukraine (2002), Professor Emeritus "KPI" (2009).


Recently M.U.Ilchenko said his next birthday, what we congratulate and wish further creative inspiration and success. During this day, hero of the day welcomed the many colleagues, friends and followers. Heard many kind words and sincere wishes.

Rector of the University academician M. Zgurovsky warmly welcomed Mikhail Yefimovich the anniversary, said his extensive research work begun in ancient times and related to the implementation of Space Communications, which was awarded the State Prize of the Soviet Union and highly appreciated the outstanding scientists in particular academician U.V.Hulyayevym. Under the new conditions of independent Ukraine Mikhail Yefimovich is actively involved in the development of the CPI, the noble cause of his scientific school of training doctors and candidates of sciences, experts in the field of telecommunications. At anniversary rector thanked for the commitment of the university and wished strong health, success and be happy.

In his welcoming address from President of NAS of Ukraine Academician Boris Paton and Chief Scientific Secretary academician V.L.Bohdanova specifies that election M.U. Ilchenka academician NAS of Ukraine was awarded the assessment of his merits to science, and the inherent ANNIVERSARY "excellent human qualities - and demands tact, diligence and humility, kindness and sensitivity - causing sincere respect of colleagues and friends. " This addresses on behalf of Boris Paton gave ANNIVERSARY Academician-Secretary of the Department of Informatics Academy of Sciences of Ukraine P.I.Andon, who in his speech said that M.U. Ilchenko is elected academician to  the department of computer science, it is a leader in the state of development of telecommunications successfully Acting Deputy academician-Secretary of the Department of Informatics, it has governmental approach to the evaluation of all areas of life.

In his welcoming address to the State Space Agency of Ukraine, who presented adviser head of the agency E.I.Kuznyetsov, Mikhail Yefimovich was noted as a person concerned with the problems of the national scale: "We know Mikhail Yefimovich as an outstanding scientist in sphere of radio and telecommunications, a man of great organizational talent, professionalism, public accountability and continuous combustion in activities for the benefit of the motherland. He participated in the development of the concept of scientific areas of Ukraine, in drafting legislation on information technologies and innovation, many regulations on the organization of science and education in higher education institutions. " In connection with the anniversary of the orders of the President Aerospace Society of Ukraine, Ukraine's first cosmonaut, Hero of Ukraine L.K.Kadenyuka for contribution to the field of satellite telecommunications for outstanding achievements in the field of training for the space industry M.U.Ilchenka awarded with the breastplate sign Aerospace Society of Ukraine "For merits".

Space theme continued in his warm welcoming remarks, member of the Presidium of NAS of Ukraine academician U.S.Yatskiv who particular thanked ANNIVERSARY tolerance and kindness in communication, as well as the activity of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in the field of space research programs within individual university. "That is the organization of tasks Space University program attached our hero of the day", - said M. Zgurovsky.

One of the areas of Space program concerns the creation of orbital space systems service, which is implemented in cooperation with the enterprise "ELMIZ." So informative and warm hero of the day was a meeting with the heads of enterprises and V.V.Vasylyevym M.M.Shumylom, during which was remembered in cooperation Mikhail Yefimovich of Kiev Radio in far 70s and modern means of communication common development of special purpose.


The State Service of special communication and information protection L.O.Yevdochenko in his welcome address thanked by ANNIVERSARY open and selfless service domestic science, the rare gift of doing good for the benefit and in the name of the Ukrainian state, "Responsibility and attentiveness for assignments were and are your special features. Your way of life is an example of devoted service to the country and the common people. "

Director of the Institute of Cybernetics of NAS of Ukraine Glushkov I.V. Sergienko praised the scientific and organizational activities of the scientist: "In Ukraine and the world are  known your works in the field of information and telecommunication technologies, digital television, modern micro-wave information systems including wireless access using electromagnetic waves of terahertz range, solid-state nanotechnology devices. Having deep knowledge you generously share them with their students, including more than 20 doctors and candidates of sciences. As vice-rector of you steer the activities of new forms of university research in particular created as a part of university research institutes, KB, Polytechnical museum, science and Technology park. "

Sincere congratulations on anniversary and wishes received from heads of other academic institutions, NAS of Ukraine B.V.Hrynova, O.M.Ivasyshyna, V.V.Petrova, corresponding members of NAS of Ukraine A.A.Kryuchyna, V.Z.Turkevycha. Academic V.F.Chehun, in particular, said: "Your inexhaustible energy, great organizational skills, professionalism and efficiency are the basis confident prospects and the successful development of the National Technical University of Ukraine. S.O.Dovhyy NAS of Ukraine thanked for their cooperation in science, education and initiatives for the organization and coordination of research activities of students, creating a KPI conditions for their intellectual, spiritual and creative development and professional self and presented an award from the Junior Academy of Sciences for his personal contribution to the development of science and education - medal "Ivan Franko ".

On the President of the University of Human Development "Ukraine" Professor Michael E. P.M.Talanchuka always recalled as her "godfather." For far 1988 is Peter M., then rector of KPI, tireless reformer of education, convinced him to take the post of vice-rector for science and predicted long years on it. So this time the "father" wished "godson" inexhaustible strength and energy for new achievements.

Many years of management science at the Kyiv Polytechnic Michael E. professionally use in improving the organization of scientific activities at universities in Ukraine, leading established in 2005, Council Vice-Rector and directors of research institutions Education of Ukraine. Well known for his performances in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, interviews and publications in the press on the development of science and innovation, the role of scientific knowledge as a basis for new technologies and new technology, the need for state support researchers and training new generations of young scientists of Ukraine. So, as a sign of respect and recognition of authority began coming to him with congratulations Professor A.P.Marchenka - Deputy Chairman of the vice-chancellors, vice-rector for scientific work NTU "Kharkov Polytechnic Institute".

In general, their anniversary Mikhail Yefimovich received congratulations from a large group of scientists from different regions of Ukraine - members of the International Scientific Conference on ICT and electronics "UkrMiKo 2016". Among them professors of Lviv Polytechnic I.N.Prudyus M.M.Klymash and professors from universities in Odessa Y.I.Lepih and O.V.Hofayzen (ONAT named after Popov), professor of Kharkov University H.I.Churyumov (KNURE) and V.V.Pavlikov (NAU "KhAI "), prof. V.M.Kychak of Vinnytsia National Technical University and others.

During the day anniversary handed greeting as Deputy Minister of Education and Science M.V.Striha, heads of departments and ministries V.S.Shovkalyuk D.V.Cheberkus, head of the secretariat of the Committee on State Prizes V.S.Stohniy, Advisor to the Chairman Solomyanskiy District administration V.S.Polovynko, rectors of universities P.P.Vorobiyenko, V.V.Hrabko, I.M.Koval, weekly "2000", heads of departments and staff of many departments of the Kiev Polytechnic.


During his "favorite child" - Institute of Telecommunication Systems - Michael E. cares whether most. Create a new department of telecommunications in 1993 and on its basis the Institute he calls "key projects" of his life. Michael E. sincerely proud of the successes of students and gladly supports the initiative of scientists who owe their achievements tireless scientific search and educational activities, professional, consistent and long-term hard work of his mentor, and with it reach the professional heights. Today IST - one of the most powerful scientific and educational departments KPI them. Igor Sikorsky. Only winners of state awards in science and technology is thirteen. So many members of the team ITC also welcomed its organizer and leader of the anniversary.

 Trade union university employees and its head V.I.Molchanov praised the scientific and organizational and community work M.U.Ilchenka and handed him the medal of trade union staff "Merit" for his personal contribution to the development of trade union and the university.

Colleagues from the department of science and innovation characterize their leader as someone who always takes active role in introducing new forms of university research, improvement of scientific departments and innovative structures created at the University: "The activities of Mikhail Yefimovich is an example of fidelity chosen profession, Kyiv Polytechnic, which is connected most of his life. There he met a talented teachers, held as a scientist, was a mentor to many generations of  KPI students, giving a rich intellectual potential of the education of the young generation of specialists, development of research and innovation at the university and in Ukraine . Nice to work side by side with the leader, always feel pleasure from a business and human communication, the ability to clearly identify the problem, offering the most optimal solutions, and at the same time, the ability to understand colleagues, their needs and problems. "

Memoirs, p. 1

Words colleagues inspired by memories. Foremost his teacher in KPI Michael E. says head of department of theoretical bases of radio engineering, which he studied - Professor V.V.Ohiyevskoho. With the support of Vladimir Mikhail Ilchenko in 1964 was ahead of final exams and receiving an engineering degree with honors and enrolled in graduate school (when training ends in December, and the graduate recruited in September); 2,5 year ahead defended his successfully observing the very strict requirements for implementing development. Recently M.U.Ilchenko wrote a book about his teacher.

In his prime

His venerable anniversary M.U.Ilchenko met in the prime of his life, a powerful life experiences and plans. Today he combines intense creativity of fruitful scientific, organizational and teaching. As vice-rector of NTU "KPI", organizer and supervisor of the department, the Research Institute and the Institute of Telecommunication Systems, Deputy Academician-Secretary of the Department of Informatics Sciences of Ukraine, member of the Council on Space Research of NAS of Ukraine, member of the Section Committee on State Prizes of Ukraine in Science and technology, chairman of the vice-chancellors of science Education of Ukraine, member of the scientific Council of Education of Ukraine, member of the State fund of fundamental research, editor of two professional journals, chairman of the specialized council for doctoral and master's theses on radio and telecommunication specialties within over two decades of Ukraine co-chairman of the Program Committee annual International conference of the microwave and telecommunication technologies "Krymiko" whose work over 10 years in the world are based on scientometric "Scopus", and from 2016 year - supervisor of the new International conference


ICT and electronics "UkrMiKo" which filled the "Krymiko" in Ukraine after the events, and others. Mikhail Yefimovich pays lot of efforts for the development of basic and applied research, the dissemination of scientific knowledge, strengthening international ties. So, as rightly noted Nobel laureate Academician Zhores Alferov, "... Professor M.U.Ilchenko his outstanding scientific achievements and organizational activity contributes strengthening  authority Ukrainian scientific school."

Memoirs, p. 2

Outside in the rays of the evening sun, playing amber tree. Was coming to the end of the long "anniversary" a day full of joyous meetings and painful memories. Look delayed not unexpected greeting from the State Polytechnic Museum. This copy documents with which Michael - silver medalist, a graduate school of rural villages Litky Brovary district - arrived in 1959 to join the KPI. Here its characteristics as a school laboratory, which faithfully perform its duties, "maintains visual aids physical office, preparing equipment for the laboratory works in the after school helps students who cope poorly with practical exercises, correcting flaws ... in the school TV participated in the radio circle, having qualified projectionist, research showed movies in the classroom, served as a freelance electrician ... read a lot of literature on radio, is active in a circle singing school, mastered the game on their own accordion, accompanied the choir on the regional review of amateur ".

Ironically, he remembers almost all school teachers postwar generation of large luggage and intellectual life experience. Paul Demyanovich Denysyuk - taught physics and Prokop A. Tereshchenko - biology, this knowledge remained for life; Konstantin Sotnic- literature, taught to work, according to formulate, communicate it to the audience; Vladimir Fil - mathematics, when it created the first electronic computer, he on his own initiative in 1957 included in the curriculum of the extended binary system that has expanded in the future outlook and help in choosing a profession; Ivan Lazarevic Kroshko - chemistry, headmaster as leader had to governmental approach to cases, even in a small team, his actions brought management experience approach, which is then realized in adulthood. "I am very grateful to all of them - excitedly says Mikhail Yefimovich. - All things managed to achieve, like what happened started school. Cause and effect are random achievements do not happen."

Prepared N. Vdovenko

Gratitude hero of the day

I express my sincere gratitude to all institutions and to my colleagues, friends and employees who congratulated me on the occasion of my anniversary and created a festive atmosphere. I realize that the expressed wishes and good words to improve the recognition of the authority of Science of Ukraine and of our university.

I was lucky in my life,

which combines with KPI

my hopes, affairs,


To support our researchers, graduate students and young people, as a symbolic sign of their deep gratitude to the CPI, which is associated with my training and all aspects of scientific, educational, organizational over 58 years of activity, and in connection with the anniversary I commit to scientific and technical University library basic foundation of my library books and sets of four English-language scientific journals of recent years gives them IEEE (USA).

M.U.Ilchenko graduate KPI 1964

Professor Emeritus "Igor Sikorsky KPI”