Greetings to the Day of Defender of Ukraine!

Dear veterans and current defenders of our motherland! Dear ‘polytechnics’! For the third year in a row on 14 October, the Day of Defender of Ukraine is celebrated as a national holiday, set by the President’s decree.

My sincere greetings to this holiday.

This holiday was set with the purpose of honoring the courage and heroism, glorifying Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity defenders’ deed of arms, preserving and developing national military customs and achievements of Ukrainian people, contributing to further strengthening of the patriotic spirit in the society.

This day was not chosen by chance. At all times, since the period of Kiev Russ, our ancestors have been honoring defending soldiers at the holiday of the Holy Virgin. The Cossacks considered her their defender.

This a holiday is a tribute to our proud ancestors who fought for the right of independence of their motherland by hook or by crook, by fire and sword; respect to the Cossacks’ courage and victories; gratitude to the veterans of World War II who fought for their land. In the end, it is a day of all today’s heroes who bravely defend the boundaries of Ukraine from the northern neighboring aggressor’s infringement: and those who have sacrificed themselves in the East of our country for the sake of Ukraine’s sovereignty and integrity.

We take off our hats to the memory of those who have sacrificed their life in the fight for independence and sovereignty of our country. Eternal memory and glory to fallen heroes! May their name forever symbolize the price of our freedom, inspire and unite us in the fight with the enemy.

Eternal glory to ‘polytechnics’ heroes:

Serhii Bondarev – the student of the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science (the Hero of Ukraine posthumously);
Yurii Poplavka – the student of the Faculty of Sociology and Law (the Hero of Ukraine posthumously);
Andrii Yaremenko – the research officer of the Faculty of Electronics;
Yurii Artiukh – the student of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering;
Vadym Zhebrylo, Vladyslav Dyusov – the students of the Faculty of Welding;
Volodymyr Kochetkov-Sukach – the graduate of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

A low bow to the families of fallen heroes.

Almost 300 thousand of Soldiers-Defenders came to the front since March, 2014. The volunteers were the first, mobilized soldiers followed them, and now they are contract soldiers. Among them, there are 31 employees and 29 students of our university.

Ukraine Defender's Day is a holiday not only for militarists. This is the holiday of unbroken, conscious citizens who are concerned about the future of our country, this is a day of all not indifferent people, who secure Ukraine – in economic, humanitarian, informational aspect - with the help of their professional, educational and scientific activities, hard work and training, and volunteer work.

Our team did not stand aside to help soldiers who are involved in ATO. Due to the initiative of polytechnics, the “Volunteer Battalion University” was created, and also the work was organized to improve logistical and medical fighters support. Volunteers have assisted in the acquisition of optical observation devices, providing warm clothing and equipment for autonomous power supply. Experts of the Faculty of welding have established production of Spaced armour screens that significantly increase the security of armored vehicles. The workers of the KPI fleet together with student organizations reequipped for military purposes and sent armored off-road vehicle to fighters. The University is committed to providing any assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Dear Polytechnic members!

Let patriotism, fortitude and Enduring faith in a happy future for our Motherland give us a new strength and inspiration for future realization of our aspirations, and bring us new achievements. Peace, happiness and prosperity to our country!
Glory to our defenders!

Glory to Ukraine!

With respect and gratitude,
M. Z. Zgurovsky, rector of Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute