Winners of the "Professionals of the Future 2016" contest

The balance of 10th national contest "Professionals of the Future 2016", organized by the telephone service provider Vodafone, has been recently struck. According to records of organizers, over the past 10 years more than 2,700 students participated in the competition.

German Foundrymen's Visit

During the existence of the Joint Ukrainian-German Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Physical Engineering, headed by a corresponding member of the NAS of Ukraine, Prof., DEng. P.I.

Students of KPI save hearts

May 13 in Santa Clara, California, it was the final two-day international hackathon Cities Hakathon at Internet of Things World 2016. Two years in a row, the first place in the competition of the best developers takes Ciklum.

Honoring Lydia Padalko

May 25 was the 95' anniversary of Lidia Alexandrovna Padalko - honored Artist of Ukraine, the founder and many year leader of the People's academic chapel of KPI.

The world on wings from Japan

In the spring in Ukraine the action "The World on Wings" has taken place in which more than 100 schools and other institutions have participated (also libraries, preschool educational institution, circles, etc.). Natalya Gudzy has established this action.