Students of KPI save hearts

May 13 in Santa Clara, California, it was the final two-day international hackathon Cities Hakathon at Internet of Things World 2016. Two years in a row, the first place in the competition of the best developers takes Ciklum. Team members also were students of KPI, including Boris Pratsyuk, the head of R & D direction.

The project on  improvement of automatic defibrillator to provide emergency assistance to victims of heart attack handed a victory. Switched device instructs users about actions at first-aid treatment and notifies about the accident all nearest hospital emergency department. Transmitted exact time, geolocation and online broadcasting from surveillance camera and sent vital data - cardiogram of victim, so the doctor can immediately begin diagnostics. The nearest ambulance immediatly comes out into place. Waiting for an ambulance, defibrillator continues to ask you questions about the specifying the victim's gender, approximate age, physical characteristics, and so on.

Boris Pratsyuk shares his impressions of hackathon: "For the participants visiting Cities Hakathon at Internet of Things World 2016 - is an example of how IoT-community develops in the world and what  technologies ware used in this ecosystem. For me, participating in the hackathon was the first experience of such a big competitions of international level. In addition, the atmosphere of Silicon valley is  very enthusiastically for people and promotes the exchange of knowledge. "

 Alex Levkov,  Alexandra Melnik