Статті 4 номера "Київського політехніку" за 2015 рік

Vladimir Vasilyevich Khilchevsky – 90th birthday

Professor Vladimir Vasilyevich Khilchevsky celebrates his 90th birthday. All his labor activity is connected with our university. Returning from the war and going through long medical treatment he was enrolled in 1946 in Mechanical Faculty of KPI (specialty “Automobiles and tractors”).

Boris Ruslan: Young scientist IME

Young scientist IME Ruslan BorisYoung scientist IME linked his fate with Kyiv Polytechnic in 2001 when he became a freshman. With the time he had got the bachelor’s degree in 2005, in 2007 – the master’s degree on the specialty “Equipment to process metal by pressure”.

Student Conference on FL

XIII International Scientific Practical Conference "Innovations in science and technology" was held at the Department of Linguistics "KPI" November 28, 2014.

Mathematics Olympiads in Faculties

December 3, 2014, the staff of the mathematical analysis and probability theory department held student mathematical Olympiads in nine faculties and institutes NTUU "KPI". About 600 students from FICT, FE, ESITS, FASS, FBE, FPM, FRE, FMM and ISIS participated in them.

Literary and artistic event in the library of KPI

The series of art educational events, dedicated to known historic and cultural personalities, are carried out for the third consecutive year in the Science and Technical library NTUU “KPI”. The last one, conducted in January of this year, was the 15th.

New Year celebrations at the Center for International Education

New Year - one of the most beautiful holidays of the year, during the New Year all dreams come true. The students of the Center for International Education (CIE) NTUU"KPI" are particularly fortunate. After all, they have the opportunity to celebrate the New Year for three months.

Volunteers – Warriors of Good

The basis of aggression against the Ukrainian state was initiated by two major factors: disorganization of the central government and the general decline of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which were to contribute to the success of the operation with minimal losses.