Статті 34 номера "Київського політехніку" за 2015 рік

Rector's scholars of VPI 2015

In this semester, several students of Publishing and Printing Institute, which is the focus of femininity and beauty in the KPI, were appointed scholarships by rector.

At the meeting of the Academic Council: 02.11.2015

Then were awarded honorary diplomas O.F.Luhovskoho, M.I.Prokof'yeva presentation and thank the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and S.V.Voytku S.A.Naydi. Confers honorary distinctions M. Zgurovsky.

Scholarship of President of Ukraine for first year students

According to the order of MES of Ukraine from October 15, 2015 "On the appointment of scholarships of the President of Ukraine to winners of all-Ukrainian student Olympiad on academic subjects and the all-Ukrainian contest-defense of scientific research works of pupils - members of Small Academy

New victories of professor B.Kovalsky

Professor of the History Department (FSL NTUU “KPI”) was in the past its curator for many years. He is a famous Ukrainian scientist and the first co-chairman of the Historians’ Association of Higher Education in Ukraine.

Innovational desalination plant from ECF

Clean fresh water on our planet - the most valuable natural resource whose reserves are limited. Therefore, scientists all around the world pay much attention to clearing and rational use of water. Do not stand aside of scientific inquiry and Kyiv Polytechnics.

Physics and technology institute - 20 years anniversary

Anniversary evenings of Physics and technology institute a number of master classes for students from graduates of FTI "IPT family Forum" in a conference hall of the Academic council of KPI, among them - a teleconference with the graduate of FTI Egor Anchishkina preceded.

"Drying" in the rain

The event that was expected by local photographers, travelers and other interested took place in KPI 24 October. Alleys around the first building was blocked with ropes with attached photos.

Recreation for children in Poland

From 18  to 29 August 2015, the children of staff of NTUU "KPI", aged from 10 up to 14 years (in the photo), have visited the capital of Poland within cooperation between the labor union organizations of Kyiv and Warsaw Polytechnic.