Статті 25 номера "Київського політехніку" за 2015 рік

The visit to SPring-8

Vice-rector of scientific and pedagogic work (international relations) prof. S.I. Sidorenko, visited leading synchrotron center of Japan's SPring-8 (Super Photon Ring - 8 GeV) and complex SACLA (SPring-8 Angstrom Compact Free Electron Laser)

Try to work during education

Nowadays the problem of job placement by specialty is extremely important; consequently, students begin to think about their future occupations beforehand. That work was both interesting and allowing to engage in scientific research.

Oldtimer – volleyball players are the champions of Ukraine!

Final competition of the Ukrainian Cup in volleyball among oldtimers was organized by the Volleyball Veterans Association of Ukraine on 15 – 25 of June2015 in Koblevo  (Mykolaiv region). Previously, they were held in the Crimea but they were replaced to the Koblevo play fields two years ago.