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Issue № 14 of "Kyiv Polytechnic" newspaper, 2015 year

Congratulate with the world day of labor protection!

2015.04.28 Всесвітній день охорони праці

April 28th Ukraine together with the whole world celebrates the Day of labor protection. The World Day of labor is celebrated in Ukraine for ten years, draws public attention to the labor protection problems and improves safety.

Meeting with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to Ukraine Zhang Xiyun

2015.04.10 meeting with Extraordinary and  Plenipotentiary Ambassador of China

10 April 2015 in the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine held a meeting with Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of China to Ukraine Zhang Xiyun with representatives of NTUU "KPI" – the Vice-rector for international relations, S. I. Sidorenko, Dean A. FAX B.

The results of the mathematic Olympiad 2015

2015.03.25  the open students mathematic Olympiad

On the 25th of March the open students mathematic Olympiad took place in NTUU “KPI”.

Lukyanchikov Yevgen Dmitrovich : Lawyer. Theoretician and practitioner

Фото. Лук'янчиков Євген Дмитрович

Among the winners of the University contest "Teacher-researcher 2014" there is doctor of legal Sciences, Professor of the FSL Yevgen Dmitrovich Lukyanchikova. This is the rare case in KPI, when the recognition got the representative of the Humanities faculty.

Nominal fellows of TEF 2015

Кампус КПІ. 5 корпус влітку

This semester the best fifth course students of thermoelectronic faculty Georgiy Evlahovich and Anastasia Serhovets have been granted with nominal scholarships of Kurchatov I.V. Georgiy and Anastasia enrolled in "Nuclear Energy" at the Department of NPP and ITF.

Ukrainian-Bulgarian monograph "Nanoelectronics": the first reviews

Видання КПІ, Українсько-болгарська монографія "Наноелектроніка"

In the SRD the leading scientists of Ukraine began to do reviews on published and tested in the research and educational practice manuals, textbooks, monographs, nominated by the councils of the faculties for receiving the annual award of NTUU "KPI" in the competition for the best textbook, manua

Nozhenko Konstantin Danilovich. Risked for us

Nozhenko Konstantin Danilovich

Every year on April 26, a day of national sorrow, heavy bells Chernobyl responding pain in our hearts, compassion and charity. In Ukraine the radioactive clouds covered 12 of the 25 regions - in 2293 settlements.

NTUU “KPI” at international exhibition “Metal treatment. Plastic – 2015”

2015.03.31-04.02  VII International specialized exhibition “Metal treatment. Instrument. Plastic – 2015”

From 31st March to 2nd April in Kyiv on the territory of International Exhibition Centre (Brovarskiy Avenue, 15) VII International specialized exhibition “Metal treatment. Instrument. Plastic – 2015” was taking place.

A new combustion technology presented in Poland

2015.03 scientists Visit to Poland

At the beginning of March with the assistance of the Ukrainian-Polish center NTUU "KPI" the delegation of Ukrainian experts in the engineering, headed by Professor of the Department of heat power equipment of thermal and nuclear power stations, heat power engineering faculty Michael Abdulla, visi

Students KPI at the Museum "Chernobyl"

Київ. Скульптурна композиція біля "Національного музею "Чорнобиль"

Tornado of Chernobyl tragedy crippled the fates, took health, left the pain and emptiness. People selflessly fought with the consequences of the disaster. The National Museum "Chernobyl" exhibition says about this tragic event. It is located in the premises of the Podolsky fire station of Kiev.

Tourists champions are studying in KPI

In the photo: Group of KPI. Team Moment of Truth

Tourist club KPI "Globe" combines restless and stubborn. They travel on tourits trails and off-road, climb the mountains, saddle bikes, go to the ski trips. The skill and the will to win they learn from senior colleagues.

Job Fair "Job for you - Spring 2015"

2015.04.16 Ярмарок вакансій «Робота для тебе – Весна 2015»

April 16, the regular job fair "Job for you - Spring 2015" was held at the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".

Ukrainian Olympiad on discipline "Cultural studies"

2015.04.02-04 Всеукраїнська студентська олімпіада з дисципліни «Культурологія»

From 2 to 4 April 2015, the Ukrainian Olympiad on discipline "Cultural Studies" was held for the fourth time at the NTUU "KPI" at the Department of Sociology and Law.

Third International Scientific Conference "Nonlinear analysis and applications"

2015.04.01 3-я міжнародна наукова конференція «Нелінійний аналіз і застосування»

April 1, the third international conference "Nonlinear analysis and applications", dedicated to the memory of the famous scientist, Corresponding Member of National Academy of Sciences Valery Melnik, begun its work in NTUU “KPI”.


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