A new combustion technology presented in Poland

At the beginning of March with the assistance of the Ukrainian-Polish center NTUU "KPI" the delegation of Ukrainian experts in the engineering, headed by Professor of the Department of heat power equipment of thermal and nuclear power stations, heat power engineering faculty Michael Abdulla, visited the Silesian University of technology (M. Katowice, Poland). The delegation also included representatives of the scientific-production company "Jet-niche technology" (D. Kiev) – Nicholas Chuvashov and «Giprokoks-Europe» (Katowice) – Konstantin Nazarov.

The city of Katowice is the capital of the Silesian Voivodeship, which is a major industrial region. It produces a lot of coal and there are numerous industrial enterprises. High concentration of industrial facilities with energy resources – coal, forcing the poles to devote considerable attention to environmental issues. One of the ways of solving the problems of environmental security and energy independence is the use in the fire installations (boilers, furnaces, etc.) coke-oven gas, which is produced during the production of coke in coke production enterprises. That is why great interest of Polish colleagues causes jet-niche combustion technology, developed by scientists of our University on the basis of research carried out in established by Professor Vladimir Khristich laboratory of combustion. It is the only universal technology that can be effectively used on a wide range of fire equipment – boilers for heating and steam production, power boilers, power plants, furnaces for various purposes (open hearth, methodical, rotating), drying of grain and beet pulp etc.

First, new technologies began to implement the famous Polish firm "Sarman". Interesting fact: the owner Zbigniew Kontsevich went from contractor of the equipment to the owner of the company, perfectly versed in all the intricacies of the process and as a specialist during the startup of new production lines around the clock is located on the businesses.

One of the goals of the trip was the establishment of informal networks of educational, research and innovative directions in NTUU "KPI", the Silesian University of technology, NPK "SSS", "Giprokoks-Europe" and "Sarman" to work on a "basic research – applied research – innovation projects – production". All who met with members of the delegation KPI, expressed great interest in this format of cooperation. Therefore, the company NPK "SSS" and "Giprokoks-Europe" intend to create in Poland the experimental pilot stands at the enterprises of the company "Sarman". On these stands of Polish and Ukrainian scientists and students will have the opportunity to conduct research and gain experience with implementation of modern technologies in production. Among other things, the delegation exchanged with our Polish colleagues, and information about the possibility of scientific and technical cooperation in the field of improving the efficiency of Polish coal combustion in power boilers.

At the end of a short but fruitful trip had a meeting with the Vice-rector for international relations of the Silesian technical University Miroslav Nakoni and head of international student office Joanna Laskowski. During the meeting they discussed many issues of the multifaceted activities of universities. The participants expressed consensus that the University should give graduate basic training and broad-minded. And in any case not to narrow it to purely technical knowledge. Representatives of the Silesian University of technology also became acquainted with the latest news of the NTUU "KPI" for publications in the newspaper "Kyiv-tahnk", the numbers of which were handed over to them. Great interest among the Polish leadership of the University was caused by the article of the Vice-rector Alexey Novikov of intent to create in us educational research and innovation complex and the report on international activities of the Vice-rector for international relations Sergey Sidorenko.

Finally it is worth to add that if you compare the level of training of workers in the field of energy, quality of equipment and technology between Ukraine and Poland is no different. It seems that the difference is only in the level of social organization. As the poles say: "we all work", that is all focused on work and the end result.

Therefore, we ought to work more and thus, to paraphrase the great Shevchenko, "alien to learn, and its not to alienate..."

Michael Abdulin, associate Professor TEP | Photo: 2015.03 scientists Visit to Poland