Students KPI at the Museum "Chernobyl"

Tornado of Chernobyl tragedy crippled the fates, took health, left the pain and emptiness. People selflessly fought with the consequences of the disaster. The National Museum "Chernobyl" exhibition says about this tragic event. It is located in the premises of the Podolsky fire station of Kiev. In the 1980s it housed Kiev regional fire department, which has played a key role in putting out the fire at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The exposition includes about 7000 exhibits: declassified documents, maps, photos, artifacts of the Polissia folk architecturecollected in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.
Third-year students of FAM in frames of the study course "History of Ukrainian culture" visited the museum "Chernobyl". They got acquainted with a lot of historical artifacts reminiscent of the terrible tragedy, and materials relating to the recent nuclear disaster in Japan.

At the entrance the visitors are met by the words "Est dolendi modus, non est timendi" (There is a limit in sadness, but there is none in alarm). Next tourists see the gate with alarm flashing lights, opening the entrance to the symbolic Chernobyl road. This staircase, along which there were installed signs with the names of 76 towns and villages of Ukraine from the evacuation zone, which were erased from the face of the Earth by the radiation. The museum features unique footage of catastrophe and its implications, a working model of power Chernobyl and others. The museum is equipped with the latest technology: a lot of sensory electronic scoreboard, which provides information in several languages, it is possible to find the names of people who participated in the liquidation of the disaster, and see the "path" of the radioactive cloud. The attention is drawn by the multimedia "Memory Book", which shows the names of the disaster’s liquidators. Next to the museum there is a sculptural composition "Hope for the Future" (pictured).

After visiting the museum it appears the acute feeling to see our planet with peaceful sky, and the peace, happiness and prosperity reign in our homes . We, as future engineers should be well aware of the consequences of our activities and the need for concerted efforts to overcome the crisis.

G.Sahno, student FAM
L.Ya.Lukyanchuk, Associate Professor FL

Location: Kiev, lane Horev, 1, Art. Metro "Kontraktovaya"
tel. +38 044 417-54-22
Visiting hours: Monday - Saturday, 10:00 - 18:00. Cashier is open until 17.00. Sunday holiday. Last Monday of the month - sanitary day