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Issue № 25 of "Kyiv Polytechnic" newspaper, 2014 year

Session scientific and pedagogical workers: 28.08.2014

2014.08.28 Session scientific and pedagogical workers

28 August, 2014,  a regular annual session of the academic staff NTUU"KPI" was held in Culture and Arts Center.

Report of the Rector NTUU "KPI" NAS of Ukraine academician M.Z. Zgurovsky at the session of scientific and pedagogical workers, August 28, 2014

2014.08.28 Доповідь ректора

Dear teachers, scientists, students, visitors to the meeting! Let me congratulate you with 116  anniversary of Kiev Politechnic Institute and the twenty-third anniversary of the independence of Ukraine.

Freshman Day 2014

2014.08.29 День першокурсника

August 29, students and teachers of the university celebrated Freshman Day at the Square of Knowledge NTUU "KPI".

Avenue of Stars and a monument to the famous aircraft designer Kostantin Kalinin were opened in NTUU"KPI"

2014.08.28 В НТУУ «КПІ» відкрито Алею зірок і пам’ятник видатному авіаконструктору Костянтину Калініну

August 28, the day before the start of the new school year, the Avenue of Stars of the University and the monument to the outstanding native aircraft designer Kostantin Kalinin were  opened in NTUU "KPI".

Unveiling of the monument to the Heroes of the Celestial Hundred

2014.08.24 Unveiling of the monument to the Heroes of the Celestial Hundred

A monument to the Heroes of the Celestial Hundred is opened and consecrated at Independence Day in NTUU"KPI" close to interfaith the Church of St. Nicholas - the patron saint of the University.


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