August 29, students and teachers of the university celebrated Freshman Day at the Square of Knowledge NTUU "KPI".

Graduates of previous years and the famous predecessors of the current generation of students - known statesmen and public figures, scientists, industry representatives - Prime Minister of Ukraine in 1987- 1990 and 1994 - 1995 Vitaly Masol, MP Dmitry Andrievskii, Deputy Chairman of the State Agency for electronic control of Ukraine Viktor Ivchenko, president of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Corresponding member of the NAS of Ukraine, Director Institute of telecommunications and Global Information space of the NAS of Ukraine Stanislav Dovgy, chairman of the Section of pupils KPI in Poland Janusz Fuchsa and others came to congratulate their younger comrades, pouring into a large and well-known for its tradition family Kyiv Polytechnic.

The celebrations began with the raising State Flag of Ukraine over the Square of Knowledge.

"You, freshmen come not only in the educational institution - appealed to the fresh new-polytechnic students Rector of NTUU" KPI "NAS of Ukraine academician Michael Zgurovsky. - You came to the training center for the elite of our country, to the center of the harmonious education professionals and patriots of Ukraine. I wish you to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the KPI. Let us recall that from its auditoriums went out not only experts in the field of science and technology, but also went out statesmen, artists, outstanding sportsmen ... After all, the KPI is not only training, but also a upbringing of harmonious, comprehensively educated person. So I wish you to be a person with a capital letter, to become professionals, great patriots of our country ... ".

Also the freshmen - and they are this year nearly five thousand - were congratulated by their older comrades who have achieved success not only in school, but also in research work and sports, as well as by future students - first grade of primary school, "The Future of Polytechnic University" Polytechnic Lyceum NTUU "KPI", and also by students from other countries, because now envoys from 39 countries of the world get education at the University .

Traditionally, the participants of the event were also members of artistic groups of the Center of Culture and Arts NTUU "KPI" - numerous winners of national and international competitions and festivals - People Bandurist Choir, People's Academic Choir KPI, the vocal ensemble "The Seventh Sense", the People amateur variety art theater "ETA", the folk dance ensemble "Polytechnic" and the People's ballroom dance ensemble "Style" and others. Participants of dance groups demonstrate their art right on the square.

Catherine Kokareva, the first-year student of Publishing and Printing Institute, made a speach on behalf of the freshmen.

Receiving it from the hands of master-student, excellent pupil of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering Cyril Temlyakov, freshman of Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, winner of the first degree of the Small Academy of Sciences Jaroslav Krempoha lit the torch.

The freshman Day event ended at institutes and faculties if the University.

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