Sergei Pavlovich Korolev

Sergei Pavlovich Korolev (1907-1966) - Soviet scientist and designer in the field of rocketry and astronautics, chief designer of the first rockets, artificial earth satellites, manned spacecraft, the founder of practical space industry, academician of the USSR (1958), member of the Presidium of

Ukraine. Zhitomir’s "Space" museums

The pioneer of astronautics S.P. Korolev lifelong dreamed of the sky, the stars and the cosmos. His name is associated  with milestones in our history. Therefore FASS decided to honor the anniversary of the great scientist, in particular, visiting the museums in Zhitomir.

Korolev. From the book K.P.Feoktistov "Seven steps to the sky"

In our time, the new technology is created by huge groups of specialists in various fields. In these circumstances, the creator of a new type of technology is the organizer and leader of the major research and development. In its core business, he moves farther from the direct technical work.

My meeting with him… [S.P.Korolev]

... October 4, 1957 I worked in Moscow research institute (after graduation KPI). This institute was linked with space program. Once, late in the evening we watched with bated breath the bright star that quickly moved across the dark sky. This was the first artificial satellite of the Earth.