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Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Кампус КПІ. Корпус № 19 весною / Автор: Іван Білич,

Dean: Doctor of Engineering Science, professor Panov Yevgen Mykolayovich
adress: Room 506, Build.19, 39, Polytekhnichna st., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03056
telephone in case of query: 204-21-27; 204-90-01
Faculty day: april 29

The first thousand of Professor I.O. Mikul’onok

I.O. Mikul’onok

On February 11, 2019, the official newsletter of Ukrpatent “Promyslova Vlasnist” (Industrial ownership) published information about the 1000th security document on industrial property objects: inventions and useful models, which were received by the professor of the department of chemical, polyme

Vita Galysh. Work hard and perfect oneself

Vita Galysh

10 years ago happy and disturbed Vita Galysh holded the master’s degree diploma with honours  about graduating from Ukrainian Igor Sikorsky polytechnic university «Kyiv polytechnic institute»and has dreamed about future.

Filter for deep water purification

Filter for deep water purification

The problem of supplying drinking water of high quality is on the front burner in Ukraine as well as in most countries of the world.

Creation of intellectual composite materials

Зліва направо О.А.Жученко, І.І.Івіцький, Д.К.Івіцька, В.С. Цапар

By decree of the President an authoring team of Faculty of Chemical Engineering – Candidates of Science, associate professors Zhuchenko OA (Department of Automation of Chemical Productions), Ivitsky II(Department of Chemical, Polymer and Silicate Engineering) Tsapar VS (Department of Automation

IHF’s packaging does not burn, rot, and serves 30 years

glass, basalt plastics packaging for the manufacture  packaging capacity of military products

This year, “Sikorsky Challenge-2018” in the finale of competition among many others projects were selected a “glass, basalt plastics packaging for the manufacture packaging capacity of military products”.

Congratulations with being awarded President awards


Congratulations on awarding the prizes of the President of Ukraine for young scientists in 2018:

Students and teachers of IHF at Jabil electronics plant

2018.11.3-4 Students and teachers of IHF  at Jabil electronics plant

Cooperation with high-tech companies and innovative production is an essential element of the university's activity, which provides students and professors with the opportunity to learn about the main trends of the modern development of the branches of science.

With support of Turkish government

2018.10.24 the pure water lab on faculty of chemical engineering

In the 2002 between Turkish government and Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine was struck the deal "About technical and financial cooperation".



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