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Interclub of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

nterclub activity is aimed to enlarge the acquaintance of foreign students with Ukrainian language, culture, customs, and traditions, to help students breaking the language barrier and find common grounds with the new friends.

The graduate of foreign students

2016.02.29 урочистості з нагоди вручення дипломів магістра іноземним громадянам

On the last day of winter celebrations on the occasion of awarding master’s diplomas to foreign nationals, graduates of the Faculty of Management and Marketing and the Department of Sociology and Law "KPI" were held.

Interclub KPI acts

Колектив КПІ. Студенти-іноземці на фестивалі, 2014

Foreign students "KPI" willingly participate in various cultural and educational events. November 8, 2014 the citizens of Vietnam and the Republic of Korea have become active participants in the festival cuisine and cultures of Asia, held in NCC "Ukrainian House".

Interclub Informs

2013.11.14 Interclub Informs

Today students from 41 countries study in our university, there are 12 associations, which connect fellow countrymen of their countries. Each association has chosen a head, who organizes the association’s work, helps students in solving their problems concerning both studying and living.


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