Address: 03056, Kyiv, Metalistiv st., 7a, AB #31, 2-09 room

Phone .: (+38 044) 453-36-58
Interclub meeting: AB.#31, conference room, at 16-00 on Thursdays every week

Interclub is a NTUU “KPI” student’s care organization that deals with issues and problems of foreign students, provides their leisure time activities by integration foreigners into cultural and educational environment of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, creates “homogeneous environment” in leisure time activity for absolutely all students of University.

Interclub activity is aimed to enlarge the acquaintance of foreign students with Ukrainian language, culture, customs, and traditions, to help students breaking the language barrier and find common grounds with the new friends. Moreover Ukrainian students want to know about history, religion and culture of different foreign countries.

Main activity:

  • national holidays of foreign students countries;
  • visits of foreigners to museums, theatres, sightseeings, historical and cultural places across Ukraine;
  • participation of foreign students in Arts and Sports groups, different clubs, etc.;
  • sport and academic competitions among Ukrainian and foreign students;
  • international events like New Year’s party, festivals, holidays, United Nations Day.

Our main aim is to help and assist foreigners to get comfortable in our country, that everyone without exception have good memories about Ukraine and university. That is why Interclub closely cooperates with university student’s councils including campus and dormitories.

Our doors are open and we are waiting for new friends! Stay tuned for our new announcements!