Kirpichev Victor Lvovich

Victor L. Kirpichev (26.09 [08.10] .1845, Saint Petersburg - 20.10.1913, St. Petersburg) - Professor Emeritus, one of the greatest scientists and engineers, a talented engineer and teacher, organizer of higher technical education and a prominent social activist, founder and the first director of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute (1898-1902), Head of Department of Strength of Materials (1898-1903). Honorary Member of the Russian Technical Society, founder and chairman of the Society of South Russian technologies, then - its honorary member (1895-1898).

Kyrpychovs: wonder family

There are many families in history who have given humanity a whole dynasty of scientists who have made a significant contribution to the development of science and technology.

Books from the personal library of V.L. Kyrpychov in STL

In the report on the state of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute for 1903. (Report on the state of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute of Emperor Alexander II for 1903 - Kyiv: Printing house S. V. Kulzhenko, 1904) it is mentioned, that Professor V.L.

KYRPYCHOV V.L. The tasks of higher technical education

The first director of  Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Victor Lvovich Kyrpychov in various directories is briefly described as follows: scientist-mechanic, engineer and teacher, organizer of higher technical education, founder and first director of Kharkiv Technological Institut

Research school of KPI mechanics

Establishing of Mechanical Scientific School is directly connected with the creation in Kiev Polytechnic the Department of strength of materials. An outstanding scientist and organizer of Mechanical Engineering Education, the first rector of KPI Distinguished Professor Victor L. Kirpichev first substantiated the need for fundamental reform of higher engineering education in accordance with the actual needs of the industry and transition mechanics science (as the basis of technology) in new "Physics and Technology" during his development.

The Viktor Kyrpychov monument

There is the first director (rector) of KPI V. L. Kyrpychov monument at the entrance of the main building of the university. The bronze bust of the scientist is placed on the high square basement made of red granite.

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