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Department of Electrical Power Systems and Networks (EMS), FEA

Speciality "Electric systems and networks" (now "Electric systems and networks") is one of the oldest at the faculty of Elektroenergetiki and automation, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The first graduates of the Department in the amount of three people took place in 1924 route specialties were Professor G.M.

Department of Automation of Electromechanical Systems and Electric Drive (AEMCEP), FEA

The department trains Bachelors, Specialists and Masters of full time, part time and accelerated education in “Automation of electromechanical systems and the electric drive ” major - one of the most competitive majors among technical schools of Ukraine in the field of „ELECTROMECHANICS”.

Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering (TOE), FEA

Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering (TOE) - is one of the largest and oldest units of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", which provides basic and vocational-oriented electrical training. The department annually has about 8,000 students from 53 graduating department of the 17 faculties.

Department of Electromechanics (EM), FEA

Department of Electromechanics provides training for 4th highest level of accreditation of all three levels of university education, namely: Bachelor, Specialist and Master specialty “Electrical machines and apparatus”. The department trains qualified scientists in partiular candidates and doctors.

Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics

Кампус КПІ. Корпус № 20

Dean: Professor Alexander Stanislavovych Yandulskyy
Address: Room 238, 322, Educational Building 20, Polytechnique str., 37, Kyiv-56, 03056,
Full-time education deanery: 204-92-39, Extramural education deanery: 204-92-40
e-mail: fea[at]ntu-kpі.kі


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