Department of Power Systems Automation exists at the Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics since 1962. The following tasks are carried out on the basis of the educational, methodical and scientific complex of the department:

  • Training of specialists of bachelor and master degrees in the educational program “Control, Protection, and Automation of Electric Power Systems” of the specialty “Electliric Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics” (code 141) and three directions;
  • training and internship of the scientific staff of the highest qualification;
  • advanced training of specialists in electric power industry based on the Scientific-Engineering Center “InformNet”;
  • theoretical and applied scientific researches on the problems of automated control of electric power objects on the basis of information and computer technologies in the structural units of the Scientific-Engineering Center “InformNet” and Sectoral Scientific-Research Laboratory of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine;
  • development of educational and methodological support for the specialists training process, advanced training and scientific internship.

Control, Protection and Automation of Electric Power Systems is one of the most modern programs of specialists training for the solution of modern scientific and technical and production problems of the electric power industry, including control of the complicated electric power systems with the use of modern methods and means of monitoring, protection, automation, information support, production management and distribution of electricity. This training program makes it possible to obtain a double diploma and offers great opportunities to graduates for employment and successful work in domestic and international power companies, institutions, firms, and in the other industries.

Within the training program there is differentiation in three directions: “Automatic control of electric power systems (relay protection and automatics)”, “Tools of intellectual management of electric power systems (Dispatching, technological control and information networks)”, “Сomputer technologies of control systems in electric power industry”.

The prestige of the Department of Power Systems Automation is created by its numerous graduates. Students of the department obtain the fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge, professional-oriented skills to solve complex problems of the electric power industry, based on the study of modern technologies, practical work in laboratories equipped with modern electrical apparatus, microprocessor technology of protection and automation, information and control systems and complexes for automatic and automated control from leading domestic and foreign companies and institutions. Due to the implementation of modern training programs that meet modern requirements, graduates of our department has always been in high demand in the power industry, as they have extensive basic and general engineering training, as well as profound professional knowledge with a high skills in computer science and computer technology. The annual demand for graduates significantly exceeds the number of graduates of the department.

The educational and research process at the Department of Power Systems Automation is provided by a highly-qualified team of lecturers and sciences: Doctors, PhDs, Professors and Associate Professors. The scientific head of the department is doctor of technical sciences, professor Olexandr Stanislavovych Yandulskiy.