The winners of the KPI Talents Contest 2018

On May 16th, in the exhibition hall of the academic building №7 was the closure of the second part of the KPI Talents Contest 2018 where 45 participants presented about 180 works in the genie of photography and computer graphics.

Photography passion

Yurii Khazanovich, junior-year student of the Faculty of Instrumentation Engineering, took first place at this year's "KPI Talents" photo exhibition, presenting the works devoted to the events happened in the last year.

Viktor Kovalevsky's world of flowers

In February, the exhibition hall of FSL was full  of various flowers. Bright photos, which emit a deep ideological overtones, were exhibited there. The author  is the artist Victor Kovalevsky.

"Drying" in the rain

The event that was expected by local photographers, travelers and other interested took place in KPI 24 October. Alleys around the first building was blocked with ropes with attached photos.