In April of this year in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, an online art photo contest "KPI Talents" was held. Its theme was formulated with the slogan "Beauty will save the world", but works on a free theme were accepted also. Anyone could send photos and interesting works on computer graphics to:

Selected works were posted on the page of the CCA Art Gallery of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute on Facebook.

A total of 320 works from 40 participants were submitted to the competition.  Students of IAT, VPI, FIOT, MMI, ITS, IHF, FEL, FBMI, TEF, ISZZI, FBT, FL, PBF joined the exhibition; teachers and employees of FMF, HTF, MMI, FMM, FEA, PBF, VPI, IEE, TEF, CCA, newspaper "Kyiv Polytechnic", publishing house "Polytechnic", the service of the scientific secretary, the department of international economics, the department of mobile posts and the rapid response department , Department of Printing Technology of VPI and others. 

In the difficult times of the pandemic, the competition has become an outlet for those who can not live without photography and for whom art is a part of life. And, of course, contributed to the cultural growth of students, teachers and university staff.

Winners are determined by open online voting. 

In the nomination "Photography" the first place was shared by three contestants - the leading engineer of the newspaper "Kyiv Polytechnic" Iryna Bakun, the second-year student of FL Daryna Parchevska and the first-year student of MMI Diana Lisovska.

The second place was taken by associate professors of the Department of Descriptive Geometry and Computer Graphics of FMF Oleksandra Hetman, Nadiya Bilytska and Halyna Baskova, 1st year student of ISZZI Karina Vinokurova and 1st year student of FIOT Oleksiy Levenko. 

The third place was shared by Volodymyr Ihnatovych, a leading specialist of the Polytechnic Publishing House, Kateryna Vovchuk, a specialist of the CCA Art Gallery, Ihor Mikulyonok, Professor of the Department of Chemical, Polymer and Silicate Engineering of IHF, Lyudmyla Shesterikova, a senior laboratory assistant at the Department of Printing Technology of VPI, Olga Moshchytska, a third-year student of FIOT, and Vadym Stroy, a first-year student of FIOT. 

In the nomination "Computer Graphics" the 1st place was taken by the third-year student of TEF Anna Skoryk, the second place was taken by the master's student of VPI of the 1st year of study Kateryna Gorbacheva, the third place was taken by the 1st year student of FEL Iryna Sinkevych. 

Congratulations to winners! 

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From the editorial office of the “Kyiv Polytechnic” newspaper

We sincerely congratulate our employee Iryna Bakun on winning the photo contest. We wish you new creative success!


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