The concluding ceremony of art photo contest “Talents of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute 2019” was held on 24th April in the exhibition hall of academical building №7, on which 36 participants displayed about 200 their photo works and animated graphics on the field of “Ukraine! There is no place like this”.

The students, teachers, scientists, professors of the university took part in this event. It has shown several new names, promoted the activity of artistic creativity and cultural increase of Kyiv Politechnics.

On the grounds of judges’ decision, the winners of this contest were the participants, whose works had the biggest point of pithiness, originality and professionalism:

- “Pithiness in disclosing the theme” – Olexander Sukalenko, the engineer of TZN and Olexander Haluzinskyi, the student of the 5th PBF course
- “Social part in disclosing the theme” – Dmytro Schpak, the assistant professor of MMI
- “Emotional part in disclosing the theme” – Oltg Kyrnytskyi, the advanced engineer of the Chair TOE, FEA
- “Feeling of aesthetic sense” – Nalalia Zhdaniuk, the assistant of the Chair XTF
- “Originality and imagery in disclosing the theme” – Oksana Hoi, the engineer of RTF and Maryna Kotunova, the freshmen of XTF
- “ Ideas multifacetedness in disclosing the theme” – Olexiy Vorobyov, the head teacher of the Chair NGI and KG; Olexander Getman, the assistant professor of the Chair NGI and KG; Volodymyr Yurchuk, the professor of the Chair NGI and KG; Ludmila Ovsienko, the senior professor of the Chair NGI and KG.

The winners got their diplomas, the others – gratefulness for taking part in.

Переможці отримали дипломи, решта конкурсантів подяки за участь у конкурсі.