Charity football tournament in June 2023

Six teams took part in the competition:

🔹 Team "Polytechnic";
🔹 team of parents;
🔹 Team of veterans;
🔹 team of the Security Department;
🔹 team of the trade union committee.

Charity soccer tournament 2023

Four teams took part in the competition:

🔹 ISZZI-1;
🔹 IZHSI-2;
🔹 Students' team;
🔹 The team of the Security Department with the Solomenskyi District Police.

Charity Football Tournament

Kyiv Polytechnicians met on the football field to raise funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Six teams competed for the championship cup. The team of the Department of Property and Social Affairs won.

Football Season 2021 Is Open!

Traditionally, in the first days of the new year in the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Sports Complex hosted two Christmas futsal tournaments.

Rector's Cup soccer among employees 2016

May 24th was the final of the Cup of Rector "KPI" among employees, in which took part the teams of faculties / institutes and departments "KPI". This tournament is held the second consecutive year and has already become traditional.

Trade unions Cup back to KPI

Christmas tournament " Trade unions cup of KPI", hosted on January 3, 2016, traditionally opened the futsal season in Kyiv. After celebrating the New Year in the warm atmosphere of the football tournament at the goal area met old friends.

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