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Department of Economics and Finance

Head of Department: Lyudmyla Subbotina
Tel. / Fax 236-42-26
e-mail: subbotina[at]

Implementation of the budget in 2018

The university’s budget of 2018 with the sum of 1456.7 million UAH was implemented on 101.7%, what is more, the plan of general fund intake was implemented on 100.0%, the plan of special purpose fund intake – on 107.8%.

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Politechnic Institute budget: Structure, amount, financing share

Бюджет 2018

Many questions have been mentioned during meetings of students' government representatives and their faculties and institutes heads. That questions were connected with budget and financing share with university departments.

Budget outturn in 2017

University budget for 2017 in the amount of 1332.0 million USD was executed at 103.5%, whereby revenue plan of the general fund is realized to 100%, and plan for special fund revenue – to 116.5%. Compared to 2016, the budget increased to UAH 311.5 million, or by 29.2%.

Implementation of 2016 budget

University budget for 2016 approved in the amount of 1,039,500,000 USD, executed at 102.6%, the general fund revenue plan fulfilled by 100.0%, and plan special fund revenues - by 112.3%.

Compared to the 2015 budget year increased by 106.5 million USD, or 11.1%.

Execution of budget for 2015

Budget of University for 2015 approved in the amount of 935 million UAH, executed at 102.7%, with general fund revenue plan fulfilled by 100.0%, and plan of revenues of special fund - by 114.7%.

Compared to the 2014 budget increased by 99.7 million UAH, or 11.6%.

Implementation results of the budget NTUU "KPI" in 2014

The total budget of the University in 2014 was amounted to 860.7 million UAH, which is 98.5% of the budget of 2013.

Financial Results 2013

The total amount of the University budget for 2013 amounted to 873.8 million UAH, which is 5.8% higher than the  budget of 2012.

The budget execution of NTUU "KPI" for the year 2012

The budget of the University in 2012 from all sources of income amounted to 825.7 million USD, which is 8.3% more than the budget of the previous year.

Electronic payment for students in NTUU”KPI”

2012.12.26 В КПІ почала працювати система «Електронний платіж для студентів»

Student of the dormitory #7 will be the first ones  to feel the advantage of the "Electronic payment for students" . They were able to pay for services for accommodation in electronic form. Their hostel is connected to the system from  December 26, 2012.


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