Implementation of the budget in 2018

The university’s budget of 2018 with the sum of 1456.7 million UAH was implemented on 101.7%, what is more, the plan of general fund intake was implemented on 100.0%, the plan of special purpose fund intake – on 107.8%.

In comparison with 2017, our budget has increased in 102.5 million UAH or by 7.5%.

Social benefits for the university’s employees have increased by 10.6%, comparing with 2017. Salary fund has increased in 85.8 million UAH, comparing with 2017, and has gotten the point of 897.8 million UAH.

There were no salary arrears during 2018 and the other social benefits, foreseen by prevailing legislation to payment for work and Labor contract.

The size of minimal salary has increased by 10.1% and has gotten the point of 1762 UAH.

According to Labor contract, besides the position salary, pending and commercial incentives and extra pay, the university’s employees were paid out:

  • Monthly and quarter bonuses and anniversary bonuses – the sum of 17 153.0 thousand UAH;
  • Annual financial aid for teaching workers – the sum of 1 903.7 thousand UAH;
  • Welfare assistance by the applications – the sum of 590.1 thousand UAH;
  • The aid for employees for improvement of sanitary conditions – the sum of 35 605.3 thousand UAH;
  • The salaries, belonging to mobilized workers – the sum of 567.3 thousand UAH;
  • Salary increments for teaching researchers – the sum of 541.0 thousand UAH.

The average month salary was 9194 UAH in 2018, or bigger than the previous one on 16.6%.

Besides, according to Labor contract and Act of Ukraine “About labor union organizations, their rights and activity warrant”, the government has given 800.0 thousand UAH to mass-cultural, sport and health works among the university’s employees.

All the kinds of social benefits for students, graduators and PhDs were paid according to prevailing legislation.

The annual average number of scholarship students is 48.2% from the general number of state funded students. The annual scholarship fund with the sum of 138 064 thousand UAH was used on 100.0% in 2018.

Besides, on the expense of the other sources and funds, the scholarships with the sum of 919.3 thousand UAH were paid out.

Despite progressive cuts of all kinds of maintenance consumptions, the expenses for their payments kept on increasing, due to rise of prizes and tariffs. The general price of consumed heat and electricity, water-supply, wastewater disposal and natural gas has exceeded the limit of 100.0 million UAH in 2018, which was almost bigger in 9.0% than the index of 2017 year.

With the aim of father constrictions of consumed energy carriers and energy technical measures of energy efficiency in our academic buildings and halls of residence, during 2018 it was used the sum of 8 359.8 thousand UAH.

Out-of-pocket expenses for purchasing long-termed equipment was 16 216.5 thousand UAH in 2018.

The money on repair and refurbishment works in the university was used with 30 649.8 thousand UAH more and on 58.0% much more than the previous year.

The Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute’s budget was completely implemented, according to all the main aspects.

L.G. Subbotina, the main accountant officer