Revenues to the university budget for 2022 exceeded the corresponding indicator of the previous year by 2.3% and amounted to UAH 2,212.1 million. 

Revenues from the state budget to the general fund for training increased by 6.0%, mainly due to the financing of student scholarships in new amounts, increased by 1.5 times.

Under the program "Implementation of the Scientific and Technological Research", revenues from the Ministry of Education and Science decreased by 25.6%, while revenues from the National Academy of Sciences increased by 23.5% due to the launch of new programs. In general, the total fund for the implementation of the STTR amounted to 77.8% of the last year's figure.

During the period of martial law and quarantine restrictions, the plan for revenues from the provision of paid services under the Training program was fulfilled only by 86.3%, which is actually equal to the amount of revenues for 2021. Actual revenues to the special fund under the program "Implementation of the STTR" decreased by 46.2% compared to 2021 and amounted to UAH 42.7 million.

Revenues from international activities in 2022 amounted to UAH 74.0 million, which is 10.0% higher than the actual figure for 2021. Sponsorship contributions in cash increased due to the administration's close cooperation with international partners in providing assistance to the university, which must function fully in the context of war. 

In 2022, the administration made significant efforts to ensure the timely payment of salaries to employees and scholarships to students, payment of taxes and utility bills.

The payroll fund from all sources of financing amounted to UAH 1422.3 million, and the average salary per employee reached UAH 16,190 per month, or 2.4% higher than in 2021.

In accordance with the current legislation on remuneration, laws on the organization of labor relations under martial law, the Regulations on bonuses and the Collective Agreement, university employees were paid, in addition to their official salaries, mandatory allowances and surcharges to them

- bonuses for publications in publications indexed in international scientometric databases - 700.0 thousand UAH

- financial assistance for applications - UAH 300.0 thousand;

- payment for forced downtime - UAH 1700.0 thousand;

- salary supplements for young teachers and researchers - 1300.0 thousand UAH;

- indexation - 14000.0 thousand UAH;

 - salaries to mobilized employees - UAH 10600.0 thousand.

Due to the military actions on the territory of Kyiv and the region, 1073 employees were granted unpaid leaves of various durations, and 1845 employees were placed on downtime.

The university administration closely cooperates with student self-government bodies and the student trade union. In 2022, funding for student self-government bodies was continued in the amount of 0.5% of its own revenues from core activities, which amounted to UAH 1240.0 thousand, and taking into account the unused balance at the beginning of 2022 - UAH 3574.3 thousand. According to the decision of the students' conference, UAH 1500.0 thousand of these funds were transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the rest of the funds were not used.

The Academic Council decided to approve the standard of the percentage of scholarship holders at 40.0% of the contingent within the estimated allocations, and the level of scholarship holders with special achievements - 25% of the total number of scholarship holders.

The total amount of scholarships paid to higher education students, including social scholarships, amounted to UAH 255.9 million.

Expenditures for utilities in 2022 amounted to UAH 99.4 million, and capital expenditures - UAH 19.4 million.

By the decision of the Academic Council of the University of 03.04.2023, the budget of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute for 2022 was recognized as fulfilled by all major indicators. 

Liudmyla Subbotina, Chief Accountant