Implementation of 2016 budget

University budget for 2016 approved in the amount of 1,039,500,000 USD, executed at 102.6%, the general fund revenue plan fulfilled by 100.0%, and plan special fund revenues - by 112.3%.

Compared to the 2015 budget year increased by 106.5 million USD, or 11.1%.

Positive changes were social benefits to employees of the University, on 1st May and from 1st December 2016 changing the size of salaries. As a result, payroll compared to 2015 increased by 117.3 million USD, or 25.1%.

During the 2016 payroll was carried out regularly, promptly and in full compliance with the Law of Ukraine "On Remuneration of Labor" and the provisions of the Collective Agreement.

Salaries of employees have installed on the base salary and wage category approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Decree of the President of Ukraine 30.08.2004 p. №1023 / 2004. The minimum wage in 2016 increased from 1113 UAH per 1 January 1335 USD per 1st December, or 20.0%.

Under current legislation, the provisions on pay, bonuses and provisions of the collective agreement in addition to salaries, allowances and compulsory payments and bonuses and incentive payments character were paid to employees of the University:

  • monthly and quarterly prizes and awards to anniversaries - the amount of 9 961.6 thousand. UAH;
  • Annual cash benefits teaching staff - $ 1 306.0 thousand. UAH;
  • applications for financial aid - amounting to 358.7 thousand. UAH;
  • aid workers for rehabilitation - amounting to 18 110.0 thousand. UAH;
  • salary saved mobilized workers - the amount of 360.6 thousand. UAH;
  • allowances to salaries of teachers and researchers - the amount of 703.0 thousand. UAH;
  • Prize winners of the results of monitoring the quality of education - the amount of 172.0 thousand. UAH.

The average salary for 2016 was 5 789.0 USD, or 11.0% more than the corresponding figure for 2015.

In addition, according to the Collective Agreement and the Law of Ukraine "On Trade Unions, their Rights and Guarantees" during the year at the request of trade union administration has allocated 350.0 thousand. UAH for cultural, sports and recreational activities among university staff.

All kinds of social benefits students and doctoral candidates carried out in accordance with current legislation within the approved budget allocations.

Average number of students, fellows made up 70.2% of the total budget contingent of students. Annual Scholarship Fund for 2016 in the amount of 153 639.7 thousand. UAH was used in 100.0%, including Social Fund assistance to students was 70 461.7 thousand. UAH.

On indexation scholarships, according to official indexes of consumer price was paid 846.2 thousand. UAH.

In addition, other sources and additional funds were paid stipends amounting to 846.2 thousand. UAH.

To pay for utility services actually consumed in 2016 spent 98 561.6 thousand. USD, or 34.3% more than in 2015, which is mainly due to the constant increase in tariffs for energy and water supply.

Expenditures for equipment durable in 2016 amounted to 13 086.6 thousand. UAH. Repair work at the facilities of the University for a year performed 21 017.0 thousand. UAH.

University Academic Council's decision of 06.03.2017 p. recognized Igor Sikorsky KPI budget in 2016  is executed.

L.H. Subbotin, Head DEF

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