The university budget for 2021 exceeded the corresponding indicator of the previous year by 21.7% and amounted to UAH 2,163.3 million.

In contrast to previous years, the university received for the expenses of educational activities from the general fund almost seven million hryvnias for development expenses (providing two dormitories with fire alarms) in addition to the consumption expenses calculated according to the formula. The financing of consumption expenditures increased by UAH 280.5 million, but that met only 80.0% of the actual needs of the university.

Budgeting of the general fund for carrying out scientific works increased by almost 44.0% compared to 2020.

The active participation of our scientists in competitions for doing research, and scientific and technological works, including in the competitions of the National Research Foundation of Ukraine, made it possible to increase the income of the special fund of the university research department by 58.4% compared to last year.

During the period of quarantine restrictions, revenues from economic activities decreased by 40.0% (Studmisto (the campus), Student Food Centre, Art and Culture Centre, and the Centre for Physical Education and Sport), but thanks to timely changes in the price policy of the university regarding commercial services, the total amount of revenues in the main activity increased by 11.5%.

Revenues from international activities are constantly growing. Their share in the university's special fund is already 15.8%. Thus, income from grants increased 8 times, and income from educational services increased by 20.8%.

The total university payroll increased by 25.0% compared to the previous year and amounted to 1,368.7 million hryvnias.

The minimum wage increased by 32.3%.

In accordance with the Collective Employment Agreement, university employees were paid premiums and increments of a mandatory and incentive nature, and quarterly bonuses in addition to fixed official salaries:

  • one-off bonuses and bonuses on occasion of anniversary dates in the amount of UAH 5,243,000;

  • bonuses for publications in scientometric databases in the amount of UAH 700.0 thousand;

  • moneyed assistance according to applications in the amount of 485.0 thousand hryvnias;

  • extra charge for research teaching fellows in the amount of UAH 1,159.0 thousand.

The average monthly salary for 2021 was UAH 15,812.6, i.e., it was 23.6% higher than in 2020.

In accordance with the Collective Employment Agreement and the Law of Ukraine "On Trade Unions, Their Rights and Guarantees of Activity", the administration transferred UAH 1,250,000 for cultural, physical and recreational work among university employees on the basis of applications from the Trade Union Committee during the year.

All types of social payments to students, graduate students and doctoral students were made in accordance with the current legislation and as included in estimates for funds.

The average annual number of scholarship students was 42.6% of all government-subsidised students. The annual scholarship fund in the amount of 160,877.5 thousand hryvnias was used for 100.0%. Social scholarships were paid to students in the amount of UAH 24,273.0 thousand.

Scholarships in the amount of UAH 1831.1 thousand were additionally paid to students at the expense of other sources and funds.

In accordance with the decision of the Academic Council of the university, funds for financing student self-government bodies were allocated in the amount of 0.5% of income from the main activity, namely UAH 1,159.7 thousand.

The actual payments from the general and special funds for utility services amounted to UAH 113,367.1 thousand in 2021.

In 2021, 3194.1 thousand hryvnias from special funds were used for energy saving measures in buildings and dormitories in order to further reduce energy consumption.

Expenditures of own funds for the purchase of equipment for long-term use amounted to UAH 18,173.4 thousand in 2021, which is 46.0% less than the previous year's indicator due to non-fulfilment of the plan of receipts to the special fund related to quarantine restrictions.

During the year, repair and restoration works at the university facilities were carried out for 38,512.7 thousand hryvnias, or 3.0% more than the planned amount.

By decision of the Academic Council of the University dated June 27, 2022, the budget of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute for 2021 was recognized as fully fulfilled by all main indicators.