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Sinitsa Grigoriy Ivanovich - the artist who outstripped time in the works

Синиця Григорій Іванович. Зупиніться, роки. 1976

"I forever understood and acquired: folk art - the primary source of art forms... It is known very long time ago, it lived, gained strength in the people, in its subsoil. Ethnographic, subject, other signs are yet a nationality.

Travel "into New year"

Мандрівка “в Новий рік”

In December Kiev excursion bureau- "Interesting Kiev", "Frescos of Kiev", "KLIO" and others are filled up with demands for excursion "into New year" - on Klavdiyevsky factory of Christmas tree decorations.

Ivashchenko Vitaliy Vadimovich. Biographical reference

Vitaliy Ivashchenko was born in Smila, Cherkasy region. His mother was from the family of farmers, and his father - from the family of teachers. His parents worked at the railway.

The first decade: Chapel of KPI - 60!

Колектив КПІ. Капела КПІ

Chapel of  KPI  is 60! It is a short time for the institution, but for the student choir it is a large period. Every five years its participants change (during this time 12 generations of students have changed!).

Language is a living organism

Таланти КПІ 2013. Сергієнко Анастасія. Кришталева

Language is the extremely old phenomenon. There isn’t the human without language. The primary function of language is to be a mean of communication, storage and transfer of knowledge. That explains the interest in language that people always showed and show.

Olena Teliga. Short life lasting the whole eternity

Олена Теліга з товаришами перед походом на Схід. Зліва 1-й ряд: О. Оршанськи-Чемеринський, Олена Теліга, Улас Самчук. 2-й ряд: М. Михалевич, О. Коваль, Р. Русов. Львів, літо 1941

You can live your life in different ways. You can go long and silent, leaving unnoticeable traces on the sand of existence, which will be washed by time, but you can inflame shortly and lively, dazzling by shine everything around you.

Who will write music for mobile in the XXII century, or is there a place for aesthetic education in the technical university?

Хто буде писати музику для мобільного у ХХІІ ст., або чи потрібне у технічному вузі естетичне виховання?

Student audience gives a very accurate assessment of scientific disciplines, teachers, transformation of the educational process and, of course, social problems today.

The artistic casting of the Kyiv Polytechnic

The artistic casting of the Kyiv Polytechnic

Firstly, the metal come to people’s life as a need: tools, machines and mechanisms, decorations. The first products from alloys were appeared on the verge of coal and copper ages - V-VI BC.

Women's Day

Жіночий день

March 8th - it is the one of our favorite holidays. Over the years, this holiday exalts the woman, her beauty, tenderness and love, something changed and transformed into various socio-political forms.

The history of one exhibit: three-line rifle


In December 2003 a unique collection of small arms was handed over from the military part of Shepetivka to the State Polytechnic Museum at NTUU "KPI". Among the various weapons, one rifle stood out with its size and execution.



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