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Gleb Evgenovich Lozino-Lozinskiy. "Who is stronger in space, those stronger in the world..."

Foto. Лозино-Лозинський Гліб Євгенович

December 25, 2009 a native of Kiev, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Lenin and Stalin Prize, General Designer of SPA "Molniya", one of the most prominent developers of Soviet aerospace engineering Gleb Lozino-Lozinskiy would have turned 100 years old.He began working in the aviation industry

General Designer of Space Technology V.P. Glushko

Глушко В. (Джерело:

Valentin P. Glushko was born in Odessa, September 2, 1908. In the 1919-1924 he studied at a vocational technical school. At the same time in 1920-1922 he studied at the Conservatoire to play a violin.

Rocket engines V.P. Glushko

Image. Ракетні двигуни В.П.Глушка

V.P. Glushko - the founder of the Soviet liquid rocket engines. But his first was electro-jet engine (ERE). The power in it arises due to instantaneous evaporation of thin strips of metal by heating them with electric currents.

Polish aviator from Ukraine Hippolyte Lossovskyi: unknown

Польський ас з України Іполит Лоссовський

The history of humanity is comparable to the rapid flow of water, historical materials not stored by society or its individual personalities disappear like a fallen leaf that falls into this stream.

Konstantin Kalinin. Interrupted flight.

КПІ - 1925. К-1 перед головним корпусом

Among the giant aircraft that were built at different times in different countries of the world, a place of honor belongs to structures created in Ukraine.

The origins of the Ukrainian aviation

1925. Планер КПІР-4 Київського політехнічного інституту

December 17, 2003 was one hundred years from the time when the brothers Orvill and Wilbur Wright made the first manned flight on the airplane engine "Flayer -1". The range of the first flight was 37 meters and it lasted 12 seconds. That brief flight opened a new era in human history.

Mystery of the old album - to the 100th anniversary of the construction of helicopter

Альбом із гвинтокрилобудування

This spring, fate leaded us to graduator of KPI Valery Ivanovich Dzyubak. Many years ago Dzyubak family lived in a house with Natalia Sorokina in Pechersk. It was a lonely older woman, she came to Kyiv from Novgorod-Seversky after the revolution of 1917 and got to work Kyiv CID.

Long way to the sky

Ракета-носій Р-7

Fifty year is a long time to evaluate the meaning of the breakthrough to the space (the launch of the first artificial satellite of the Earth) and step by step analyze the history of successive accumulation of the data to penetrate the Universe.

The beginning of space exploration


1955. Space? Sputnik? These words belonged to science fiction. And although geophysical rocket rose into the sky higher and higher, and even for few minutes reached the comic heights, it was hard to believe that the space age will come so soon.

Plan K.E. Tsiolkovsky

К.Е. Ціолковський, 1928

"Many people think that I'm busily about the rocket and care about its fate for the rocket itself. It would be a grave mistake - wrote Tsiolkovsky. – The rocket for me is just the way only, a method of penetration into the depths of space, but not an end in itself.



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