Last year's visit of our university's deligation to the Algerian National Democratic Republic, during which the agreement on cooperation was signed, was the beginning of business contacts between our University and the University of Saad Dahlab, Blida. Teachers of two universities got the opportunity to learn the directions and tutorials of related aerospace faculties. By the way, the aviation faculty of University Saad Dahlab was transformed into the Institute of Aeronautics with significant expansion of directions of training and research by decision of the Ministry of Higher Education of Algeria. These directions include aircraft design, technology of its production, the materials for aviation, navigation and control systems. This is the indication of the priority of aerospace industry in Algeria and the government's attention to the training of highly qualified professionals for the industry.

Among students of technical faculties girls are significant and sometimes overwhelming part.

Expanding contacts with universities in Algeria, with the assistance of our colleagues at the University of Saad Dahlab, including a recent postgraduate of our faculty Mohamed Rahmuni - now the head of one of three research laboratories of the Institute of Aeronautics, delegation of Faculty of Aviation and Space Systems of our University visited the University of Science and Technology named after Mohamed Boudiafa in Oran, which is the second in size, population and economic potential city after the capital, the city of Algiers.

We had the opportunity to take part in the first International Scientific Conference for Aeronautics ICAS'01, which attracted over 150 participants from Algeria, France, Turkey, England and Ukraine. FASS's Dean of our University Professor O. Zbrutsky was invited and participated in the Conference Program Committee. A characteristic feature of the conference is the active participation of the young researchers, teachers and masters. The conference covered a wide range of directions: computational aerodynamics, experimental research in aeronautics, materials and design in aeronautics, flight mechanics, the physics of flight and jet devices, processes and combustion devices, design and control system of of unmanned aerial vehicles. During the conference an exhibition of unmanned aerial vehicles developed at the University of Science and Technology was organized, films about the test flights of of unmanned vehicles and aerial photography results were shown. This direction of the aerial vehicles is very important for Algeria, and a lot resources was attracted, both intellectual and material. Youth is widely encouraged to participate in the development of this technology. And despite of the need for qualified scientific and technical personnel in aeronautics and control such attention from the government will give the opportunity to achieve the great success in the near future.

Introduction to Design Laboratory Aeronautics and power plants, led by Professor Yiming Bachir who was one of the initiators and organizers of the conference showed action-oriented research and development, the majority of which applies to unmanned aerial vehicles.

At the meeting with the rector of his university professor Derdour Aicha pointed at high authority of NTU "KPI" in the world and thanked for the presentation of our developments of unmanned aerial vehicles and microsatellites. The Rector expressed wishes and interest to develop links between our universities in educational and scientific fields, for which we have a good opportunity.

During the conference, the local newspaper "L'Echo d'Oran" gave detailed information about its work and noted participation of the Ukrainian specialists.

L.Stetsyuk engineer of FASS, coordinator of international projects.